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CON ERR: One Attendee's View Of Phoenix Comicon
As this year's Phoenix Comicon drew close, the excitement of my friends grew as their respective fandoms would be well represented and they would have the opportunity to show off their costumes, props, and meet friends they may have not seen since the last con they attended It is an event that surpasses and exceeds[...]
The List Of Objects Banned At Phoenix Comicon – What To Do With Your Proton Packs Following up a report of a man arrested at Phoenix Comicon for carrying real weapons, with a subsequent ban on a number of cosplay items, the official ban list has now been increased and solidified Phoenix Comicon director Matthew Solberg gives Bleeding Cool their new guidelines: Please arrive with plenty of time[...]
Bill Willingham's Lark's Killer, Previewed At Phoenix Comicon For $20
The first brand new comic created by Willingham since Fables. And those at Phoenix Comicon can get a 33 page preview of what's in store with the Lark's Killer 2017 Phoenix Comicon preview for $20 at booths 647,746, AA1613. Those lucky enough to pick up a copy, let us know more… Lark's Killer by Bill Willingham and Mark Dos[...]
SCOOP: The Return Of The Elementals From Dynamite Entertainment
The Elementals was a superhero team written and drawn by Bill Willingham and published by Comicon in the mid-eighties A dark superhero story, it was very much a precursor, in audience at least, for the success of Miracleman, Watchmen, Dark Knight, The One and more. It ran for years,m and was the thing Willingham was best[...]