American Mythology Cancels Abbadon The Destroyer, Buzzboy, Eagle Resurgent And Kronen's Kaiju – But Promises Their Return

American Mythology are amongst a number of publishers who have recently gone through their schedules and taken a scythe to late books, though promising they will return.

Such as the launch issue of Abaddon The Destroyer from last year.

stl026564 stl026565


(W) Jack Herman (A/CA) Neil Vokes
The Reimaginers are using terrorism, cyberattacks and market destabilization to bring "The Alternate Ending." The entire Earth is under surveillance. Drones fill the sky like mosquitos. Murder squads strike faster than pizza delivery. The masses self-medicate with mega-doses of highly addictive media. Now an entity from the stars will shatter our world's precarious deteriorating balance. Buried for a hundred millennia, it has resonated through the collective unconscious, foretold in every mythos throughout mankind. It has had many names but now it is recognized as ABADDON, THE DESTROYER.   A Shocking new science fantasy horror story from Neil Vokes and Jack Herman, the creators of EAGLE and DEATH'S DARK ANGEL.

Or the launch of Buzzboy.

stl033224 stl033220

(W/A/CA) John Gallagher
Monsters are over-running Buzzboy's city, thanks to a super popular game app gone wild! It's time to uncover a ferocious monster mystery, just as Buzzboy and friends are being blamed for the city's troubles. Featuring the return of world's coolest super sidekick, Buzzboy, super speedster Zoomer, and sarcastic sorceress Becca, in all-new, comedic adventures, for those that enjoy Teen Titans Go! and Gravity Falls! You'll love this new take on superheroes, focusing on the funny business that happens between saving the world and living together as teenagers, with only a mad scientist for supervision. Created, written and drawn by Harvey-nominated John Gallagher (Pink Panther, Adventure Time!)

Or Kronen's Kaiju.

stl023119 stl023104

(W/A/CA) Chris Scalf
Giant freaking city crushing monsters are real!  Darren Kronin lives in a small town. His friends all think he's an awkward nerd living in a fantasy world obsessed with make-believe creatures and monsters. He even writes a blog called "Kronin's Kaiju Chronicles," where he speculates about the creatures of legend he obsesses over. But after a series of unexplained earthquakes brings teams of scientists and authorities into town to investigate, Darrin's obsession grabs the unwanted attention of high level officials when details on his blog match the strange phenomenon that is secretly being investigated!  Incredible sci-fi painter Chris Scalf delivers his bombastic follow up to Werewolves vs Dinosaurs!

At least Eagle's Resurgent managed a first issue. But not good news for issues after that…

stl043713 stl043714

(W) Jack Herman (A/CA) Neil Vokes
Neil Vokes incredible indie creations return to comics with two all-new Eagle and Death's Dark Angel stories! The stunning secret that Crystal City's greatest defender, Richard Eagle, is once again roaming the streets is known to but a few- and he's never been needed more! Alarik and Nikki uncover an ancient hate group, revived as a weird supernatural cult, launching a biological terror attack to wipe out the entire Talik race.  Available with two original covers featuring Eagle and Death's Dark Angel by horror comics artist extraordinaire, Vokes himself!

All gone. Well, there are Three Stooges comics to publish…

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