Astonishing X-Men Leads To Something Significant And New

As part of his now regular #XMenMonday's, where X-Men editor Mark Paniccia takes the time to talk to fans on twitter and answer questions and tease the direction of X-Men in the ResurrXion line, Paniccia left a fairly big tease for something in the future of the mutant's world.


Astonishing X-Men
Astonishing X-Men cover by Jim Cheung

When a fan asked Paniccia about what fans can expect after Astonishing X-Men's initial 12-issue run, he responded cryptically with this:

Suggesting some major changes to the X-Men after Astonishing X-Men, what could it possibly be exactly? We know very little about the series thus far, beyond the mutants making up the team, a rough idea of their mission facing an ancient evil to save someone, and that the villain will be Shadow King, fresh off a hit appearance in FX's Legion series. Oh, and a previous tease that we will see a resurrection in the series, as soon as the second issue.

Well, one resurrection that would be especially significant for the series would be the return of Professor Charles Francis Xavier. By this point fairly long dead, could the lost leader of the X-Men and dreamer of the dream be coming back finally? And if he's rescued by the Astonishing X-Men team by the end of that series, it would certainly make for huge landscape changes for the X-Men in a year.

What's also of interest here is how Paniccia picks out the word "new" in the tweet. Could we possibly see a new New X-Men title? Perhaps a new young X-Men book spinning out of this. If Xavier is the resurrection in question, maybe he brings some teen mutants together to be the new X-Men of tomorrow.

After all, so far at the moment as far as young X-Men go, we have a group that actually consists of teenage time displaced versions of the original X-Men (X-Men Blue) and a group of by-no-means-future-X-Men in Generation X. Meaning there's no team of young, new X-Men on the shelves in a way. This is generally a standard with X-Men, from New Mutants, to Generation X, to New X-Men, to Young X-Men, to Generation Hope.

Perhaps it will 'resurrect' a title in time for a new X-Men movie too, and see an all new New Mutants hit the stands?

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