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Astonishing X-Men Leads To Something Significant And New
This is generally a standard with X-Men, from New Mutants, to Generation X, to New X-Men, to Young X-Men, to Generation Hope. Perhaps it will 'resurrect' a title in time for a new X-Men movie too, and see an all new New Mutants hit the stands? As part of his now regular #XMenMonday's, where X-Men editor[...]
FOOL: Stephanie Brown Returns In New DC Title Spoiler, To Be Funded By Kickstarter
For higher donations, there will be rewards of virtual portfolio reviews from Jim Lee, virtual pitch reviews by Geoff Johns and virtual bollockings by Bob Harras. It is expected that Marvel will launch a similar scheme for books such as Runaways, X-23, Generation Hope and Moon Boy And Devil Dinosaur, though using their own branded Kickstarter-alike[...]
Marvel In April 2012 – Have We Lost All Generation Hope?
This is a list of Marvel titles shipping to comic stores in the month of April Of note, there is no listing for Generation Hope It is presumed cancelled with March's issue 17 which stated it would feature "Kenji Vs Hope For The Final Fate Of The Lights!" Who knew Marvel would be so literal?  Still,[...]
Saturday Trending Topics: Generating Hope
The comics internet missed you this week. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: The Future Of Generation Hope And Avengers Academy Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors Of course Generation Hope is also on a list of what have been seen as low selling Marvel titles (though high selling for any publisher not in the top[...]
The Future Of Generation Hope And Avengers Academy
I picked up Generation Hope this week expecting to hate it After all, it wasn't written by Kieron Gillen anymore, was it, a victim of the "Nextwave Effect". But instead I found a really good comic A really really good comic Funny, spiky, great dialogue, fun new twists, and it's full There's a lot packed into[...]
A Handy Guide To Reading Generation Hope And X-Men Schism Today
So you've left your comic store with your X-Men Schism and Generation Hope And you know what happened last month, what with reading the comics in the correct order So what happens this month? What you need is a handy dandy page reading guide Okay, here you go… Pick up X-Men: Schism #4. Read the first seven[...]
The Nature Of X-Men Schism, With Generation Hope (SPOILERS)
X-Men Schism #3 by Jason Aaron and Daniel Acuña, and Generation Hope #10 by Kieron Gillen and Tim Seeley are published today. Now, there will be spoilers I'm sorry but that's the way things are But before you close your eyes, running towards your X-Men comics, going "la la la la la", I'd like to recommend you[...]
Kieron Gillen Off Generation Hope
Well basically, that was the reason I was buying the book, though I was enjoying Salva Espin and recently Jamie McKelvie's work on the book too. But, you know, Kieron is writing Journey Into Mystery and Uncanny X-Men twice a month and there's his upcoming Avatar work and whatever else he has that I don't know[...]
Wolverine: "It Gets Better"
One year ago, in the wake of a number of gay teen suicides, Dan Savage created a video with the aim to tell those being harassed and seeing no way out that "it gets better". It became a meme with over ten thousand videos echoeing Savage's initial appeal from everyone from Barack Obama to Colin Farrell[...]
Teen Gay Suicide And The X-Men
On July the 20th, Marvel will be publishing a very special comic. Uncanny X-Men writer Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie, creators of the comic Phonogram, are reuniting to tell a story about teenage gay suicide in the X-Men comic, Generation Hope #9. Based on recent prominent news stories, and  public awareness campaigns, Kieron Gillen finds the[...]
Wednesday Comics Review: Uncanny X-Men 538 and Generation Hope 8
Seriously. Generation Hope from the same writer, Kieron Gillen, does something very different It takes a character we think we know, foreshadows what he's about to do, in plain sight, but when it comes to fruition, it's a complete surprise and an entertaining one at that I got flashbacks to the first time we meet the[...]
Wednesday Comics Review: Morning Glories 8 and Generation Hope 5
There certainly are similarities, the clean thin lines, the open space for colour, the expressionistic faces and the elegant panel design. And today we get both Morning Glories #8 from Image and Generation Hope #5 from Marvel, the latter reteaming the holy Phonogram pairing of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie I could hear the squees in[...]
Friday Runaround – Who Appeared In Roger Rabbit?
Bleeding Cool urges the new DC to take a wider view, and that this is good for Batman… in that it's at least getting talked about. CameoWatch: Tony Lee was an extra in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, playing "an urchin". GillenWatch: Kieron Gillen on that Generation Hope swipe… "Some readers have commented that Kenji is behaving like[...]