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Matthew Rosenberg Knows Exactly What's In A Name
The only relevant band for Bleeding Cool readers is End Of A Year, whose vocalist, Patrick Kindlon, later joined forces with Rosenberg to become a writing duo (End Of A Year changed their name to Self Defense Family). So, when Matt Rosenberg titled his Astonishing X-Men mini Until Our Hearts Stop, he's referring to Until Your[...]
Bad News for Banshee in Next Week's Astonishing X-Men Finale?
Has anyone noticed something's been a little off with Banshee since his return at the beginning of Matthew Rosenberg and Greg Land's lame duck Astonishing X-Men run? It turns out that The Beast has been counteracting the death seed in Banshee's heart with nanobots, allowing him to fight for the X-Men, even if he doesn't[...]
Matthew Rosenberg Hints Astonishing X-Men Will End With a Cliffhanger
Desecrating the sacred holiday of X-Men Monday, Uncanny X-Men writer Matthew Rosenberg hinted on Twitter that this week's final issue of Astonishing X-Men will end on a cliffhanger, just like the final issue of New Mutants: Dead Souls For those who have blocked that traumatic experience from their minds, let's recall how New Mutants Dead[...]
Uncanny X-Men: Everything We Know About the Relaunch So Far [X-ual Healing 10-17-18]
If we're going to insist on finding inventive new ways to use 40-year-old characters, then we guess we have no choice but to award X-Men Black the Wolverine's Weiner X-Pick of the Week! Congratulations to the creative team on this immense honor. Moving on… Astonishing X-Men #16 (W) Matthew Rosenberg (A/CA) Greg Land • Havok, leader of…the Reavers?! • What circumstances[...]
Traitor! The Beast Sells Out in Astonishing X-Men #16
The Beast has revealed his true colors once again in a preview of next week's Astonishing X-Men #16 Known for turning on his own species in the past, Beast is seen in this preview offering to work for the Office of National Emergency, a corrupt government agency that has kidnapped him and his fellow X-Men,[...]
Fat-Shaming the Beast in Astonishing X-Men #15 Preview
On Wednesday, Astonishing X-Men #15 hits stores, with a cover inspired by the hit song Wanted: Dead or Alive by writer Matthew Rosenberg's favorite band, Bon Jovi And as the following preview reveals that Havok's team of mutants is as authorized as a Watchmen sequel, will their fugitive status finally inspire camaraderie between the outlaw[...]
Astonishing X-Men Annual #1 cover by Rod Reis
Something is going down in the town of Lago. Astonishing X-Men Annual #1 cover by Rod Reis There were times, while reading Astonishing X-Men Annual #1, when I wanted to dislike this comic It's another Matthew Rosenberg X-Men book where all the team members are either cold or outright snide towards one another Aside from distrusting X,[...]
Astonishing X-Men #14 cover by Greg Land and Frank D'Armata
From there, they go to protect the next person on the Reavers hitlist: Allison Blair, aka Dazzler. Astonishing X-Men #14 cover by Greg Land and Frank D'Armata I very badly want to like the Astonishing X-Men Both Charles Soule and Matthew Rosenberg have put up X-Men lineups full of characters I personally adore, and Havok, Beast, Colossus,[...]
Giant-Size X-ual Healing: Don't Be a Madison, Plus Other Lessons in a Recap of All of Last Week's X-Men Comics [8/1/18]
You already clicked, so you might as well settle in. ASTONISHING X-MEN #14 MATTHEW ROSENBERG (W) • GREG LAND (A/C) RETURN OF THE FANTASTIC FOUR VARIANT COVER BY ADAM KUBERT • Welcome back to the X-Men stage, the incomparable…the amazing…the uncanny…DAZZLER! • The Reavers are hunting random mutants, so Havok and Beast must save a former X-Man. • But these Reavers[...]
Astonishing X-Men #13 cover by Greg Land and Frank D'Armata
Iron Man isn't happy about Alex's interference. Astonishing X-Men #13 cover by Greg Land and Frank D'Armata Havok returns to the Xavier Institute to gather a new team of X-Men, but Kitty Pryde tells him to get out This leaves him with few options Meanwhile, the Reavers are making moves, including capturing Miss Sinister. I was excited for[...]
Astonishing X-Men #12 cover by Greg Land and Edgar Delgado
Spawned from the head of X and using Proteus' reality seeds for additional power, he quickly dispatches the Astonishing X-Men by vomiting liquid despair upon them — except for one Psylocke still stands, but can she defeat the Shadow King alone? Astonishing X-Men #12 cover by Greg Land and Edgar Delgado Charles Soule's tenure on Astonishing X-Men[...]
X-ual Healing: You Could Call it a Conclusion… Astonishing X-Men #12
Sworn to sell comics for Marvel executives who feared and hated the fact that Fox owned their movie rights, The Uncanny X-Men suffered great indignities, but with a corporate merger on the way, the X-Men can finally get back to doing what they do best: being objectively the best franchise in comics. Each week, armed with the joy, heartbreak, and[...]
The Surviving Original X-Men Reunited with Professor X in Astonishing X-Men Annual
Matthew Rosenberg is taking over Astonishing X-Men in July, but he's already getting an Astonishing X-Men Annual to write in August, with artist Travel Foreman (in place of regular series artist Greg Land) Can anyone stop Rosenberg's steady takeover of the entire X-Men line? If so, they'll have their work cut out for them, as[...]
Astonishing X-Men #11
Welcome back to X-ual Healing, the weekly recap column where we obsessively read every X-Men and X-Men-adjacent comic that Marvel publishes, tell you what happens, provide additional context where necessary, and examine whether the comic makes good use of the long and convoluted history of the X-Men by referencing it in a way that's accessible to[...]
Astonishing X-Men #11 cover by Grag Land and Frank D'Armata
The Astonishing X-Men ambush the being to stop his reality seeds around the world Psylocke and X use their psychic abilities to stop the spread of the reality seeds Betsy even begins to start trusting X, and the team seems to be coming together at last. Astonishing X-Men #11 cover by Grag Land and Frank D'Armata While[...]
Astonishing X-Men
In what the writer described as "fulfilling a lifelong dream," Rosenberg will take over as writer of Astonishing X-Men from Charles Soule in July, beginning with Astonishing X-Men #13. Rosenberg has recently brought Jean Grey back from the dead again in the Phoenix Resurrection mini-series, is currently writing the New Mutants: Dead Souls mini, and will write a[...]
X-Men: Bland Design – Building the Wall in Astonishing X-Men #9
But are these comics worth taking out a second mortgage to read? Let's look at Astonishing X-Men #9 and find out… ASTONISHING X-MEN #9 CHARLES SOULE (W) • Matteo Buffagni (A) Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU NUKE-CLEAR WAR Part 3 • As a reality storm batters London and its inhabitants, PSYLOCKE must choose between trusting the mysterious MAN CALLED X and[...]
X-Men: Bland Design – A Familiar Foe Returns in Astonishing X-Men #8
We make no promises about the use of your time, however, which will still be poorly spent. This week, the X-books are: Generation X #87, X-Men Gold #22, Astonishing X-Men #8, Deadpool vs Old Man Logan #5, and… *shudders*… Venom #162, which we have to read because it's crossing over with X-Men Blue for the Poison X crossover[...]
Astonishing X-Men #7 cover by Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin
Xavier also prefers being called 'X' now and is rapidly curing London of the psychic affliction brought about by the Shadow King. The rest of the Astonishing X-Men quickly regroup to figure out what all of this means for mutants and the team. Astonishing X-Men #7 cover by Mike Deodato Jr and Frank Martin Though I found the[...]
Astonishing X-Men #6 cover by Mike del Mundo
All the while, the London Ministry of Defence prepares to wipe the slate clean in an atomic fashion. Astonishing X-Men #6 cover by Mike del Mundo At long last, "Life of X" draws to a close, albeit an issue or two later than it should have This arc has grown quite tiresome, and what could have been[...]
Astonishing X-Men #5 Review: The Astral Plane War Continues
Somehow, the Shadow King capable of expanding his control by getting his puppets to touch others. In the midst of all this, Xavier is also having a private conversation with Fantomex on the subject of the thief's creation and potential. Astonishing X-Men #5 cover by Ramon Rosanas and Nolan Woodard "Life of X" is running longer than it[...]
Astonishing X-Men #4 cover by Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Fonteriz, and Nolan Woodard
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Astonishing X-Men #4 cover by Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Fonteriz, and Nolan Woodard Shadow King has taken over Logan and has unleashed him in the physical world Archangel, Bishop, and Psylocke attempt to hold the former Wolverine off On top of that, the Xavier from the Astral Plane has made contact with Psylocke and attempts to[...]
Astonishing X-Men #3 Review: Solid Read, Disappointing Art
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Astonishing X-Men #3 Logan is hot on the trail of the Shadow King, and he's resisting everything the psychic demon throws at him He's on his own, though, as the rest of his teammates are lost in the machinations of the Astral Plane What happens when Logan finds his old friend Charles Xavier first, if[...]
Astonishing x-men
He and Professor Xavier (?) are dueling over the fates of the Astonishing X-Men The Shadow King wants the X-Men to fall for his illusion, while Xavier is working to break them free of its grasp Meanwhile, Psylocke, Archangel, and Bishop are in the outside world attempting to protect the bodies of their comrades The[...]
Astonishing X-Men #1 Review: The X-Men Comic I've Been Waiting For
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] In Astonishing X-Men #1, there is something happening to the telepaths around the globe They are seizing up, experiencing intense pain, and then dying Eventually, this phenomenon reaches the X-Man, Psylocke, and, in her pain, she sends out a psychic signal to her former comrades It's received by Bishop, Logan, Rogue, Angel, Gambit (his[...]