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Aubrey Sitterson Wrestled a Pit Bull to Ring in the New Year

The most exciting wrestling match of New Years Day didn't take place on WWE Smackdown. Superstar comic book writer and author of The Comic Book Story of Pro Wrestling Aubrey Sitterson spent New Years Day in the best way possible: in a fight to the death with an angry pit bull. Sitterson reported on Twitter that he was walking his own pup in the street when a loose pit bull charged, looking to mix it up with Sitterson's pooch. But Sitterson jumped in the way, intercepted the deranged doggo, and took on the whelp himself, tearing his clothes and sustaining some injuries, but ultimately coming out on top of the mutt melee.

American Pit Bull Terrier dog, photo by Ivanova N / (probably not the same one that wrestled Aubrey Sitterson)
American Pit Bull Terrier dog, photo by Ivanova N / (probably not the same one that wrestled Aubrey Sitterson)

"Yesterday, on a walk, a loose pit bull, at least 50lbs, charged my dog," Sitterson tweeted of overcoming the canine challenge. "I had to wrestle the pit bull in the street before I could get my arms around it and pick it up. I tore my favorite red pants and have a bunch of booboos but I've never felt more powerful. More PUISSANT."

Aubrey Sitterson had a pretty good 2020. Following up on the success of 2019's No One Left to Fight, Sitterson successfully funded a new comic, Beef Bros, on Kickstarter, and also convinced large portions of Twitter to constantly post the phrase "amen, brother." But if the first day of 2021 is any indication, it looks like Sitterson may have a great new year as well.

"Thinking of a new tradition in which, on the last day of the year, I wrestle a dog," Sitterson tweeted. "It will continue, annually, until the year I lose."

If we were booking this, we'd personally build to a match between Sitterson and Pitbull the rapper, which is a project we think would probably do well on both Kickstarter and PPV. But Sitterson, we're sure, knows what he's doing.

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