Axel Alonso Teases Garth Ennis And Goran Parlov's Punisher Origin Comic, The Platoon

Courtesy of Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso… over two years ago, Garth Ennis talked at the London Super Comicon about his upcoming Punisher comic book with Goran Parlov, The Platoon, set in Vietnam and involving a very-much pre-Skull Frank Castle, His "origin" as it were. And this appears to be our first glimpse…

This is what we reported back then:

And for the first time, he told us what it would be about. A Marvel MAX series entitled The Platoon, will see Frank Castle's first tour of duty in Vietnam, with no Punisher, no skull, just Frank Castle being dropped right into it.

As Avatar publisher William Christensen said, "so you were being sneaky, you're just writing a war story but calling it the Punisher?" "Yup."

But you can also hear Goram talk about the Punisher origin project right here, as a soldier arriving in Vietnam who has never killed a man before…


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