Bad Idea Comics Asks Readers To Swap Pins For Rocks

Bad Idea Comics has issued First Customer Pins at comic book stores for the first person to buy a launch issue of a comic book at every store that stocks the books. With vague half-promises that they might be worth something at some point, if traded in for the right thing at the right time. Recently Bad Idea launched two new comic books soled for First Customer Pin owners, though some struggled as to whether they should trade in their pins for the comics in question, or hold out for a better deal.

Bad Idea Comics Asks Readers To Swap Pins For Rocks
Bad Idea Comics Asks Readers To Swap Pins For Rocks

Well, now Bad Idea Comics has given the second offer. And, well, I expect people wish they had gone for the first one now. Because owners of First Customer Pins can now trade them in for rocks.

  • IN A WORLD…where paper and labor are in great shortage…
  • ONE MAN…actually one company…
  • HAS THE POWER…to save all of comics with…
  • ONE DECISION…to stop trying desperately to make release dates and instead pivot to their…
  • ONE DESIRE…to trade pins for rocks.
  • NOW, YOU MUST FIGHT TO SURVIVE…pin redemption offer number 2!
  • For real though, what does a comic book publisher do when there is no paper to print comic books? We go old school baby! Waaaaaay old school. And we carve our comics into rock just like our comic book creator ancestors intended.
  • That's right, First Customer Pin Redemption offer number 2 is an offer to trade your pins for comics carved onto rock itself!
  • But what's the BAD IDEA twist? Simple, we're actually not carving anything. We're just gonna send you a rock.
  • So, you know, for legal reasons let's just amend that previous statement:
  • First Customer Pin Redemption offer number 2 is an offer to trade your pins for rocks. Just plain old rocks.*
  • *one rock per customer
  • So there's no comic? No. That was just witty banter. The rock does not come with any comics carved on it.
  • Is it a special rock? No.
  • Is there anything unique or particularly appealing about the rock? No.
  • Is the rock is like a metaphor or an art piece like something Banksy would do? mmm…yeah, sure.
  • What does the rock look like? I mean, rocks all kinda look the same, don't they?
  • Though we might spray paint the BAD IDEA logo onto the rock if we get time.
  • So how do you obtain one of these incredibly ordinary and quite common rocks? You send us a First Customer Pin.
  • To recap, BAD IDEA sends every BAD IDEA Destination Store a First Customer Pin tied to select releases. The first customer to purchase the issue the pin is tied to on the day of release is awarded a First Customer Pin. Every so often, we'll announce an opportunity – could be an item, an experience, a live event or some such accouterment – that is available exclusively via the expenditure of First Customer Pins. These opportunities will be limited, available for very short periods of time and exclusively for those BAD IDEA-sters who possess a First Customer Pin. (aren't you glad you camped outside your store all night now?)
  • If you choose to procure one of the incredible opportunities you must forfeit your First Customer Pin. The first redemption opportunity was two brand-new BAD IDEA comics – WEREWOLF and RETIREMENT PLAN. At that time, we warned you that we would do everything in our power to make you regret spending your pins on those comics and not waiting for a future even more incredible-er opportunity! But…we never said the very next redemption opportunity would be that incredible thing that would make you regret trading for comics. I suppose, if you didn't redeem the exclusive comics and held onto your pins you might even kinda regret THAT having done that right about now. Well, enough about tomorrow's First Customer Pin opportunities, let's focus on what's available today.

Today, we're announcing that the second BAD IDEA First Customer Pin opportunity is:

Redemption Instructions:
If you have a First Customer Pin, you may redeem one rock (also probably mucho ridicule) from BAD IDEA. To redeem your rock, simply send us your First Customer Pin, a check or money order (made out to Cincinnati Kid LLC) for $9.99 to cover shipping and handling ($29.99 each if you are international) and the following information:

– Full Name
– Full Address (this is where we will send your rock)
– E-mail address
– Phone number

to this address:

Bad Idea
5455 S Fort Apache Rd
Suite 108-154
Las Vegas, NV 89148-6416

All redemptions must be postmarked by or before November 30th. That's one month.

Please allow up to 6-12 weeks to receive your rock.

Again, checks and money orders need be made payable to "Cincinnati Kid LLC". Any made in error will be rejected. Sender may or may not be notified of the error prior to the redemption deadline.

Be vigilant when providing your contact details. We will not be chasing redemptees if there are errors or omissions. Make sure to provide your full address including your street address, your apartment, suite, unit, building, floor etc., your city, state, zip and country.

Remember that obtaining your First Customer Pin exclusive rock with your First Customer Pin will mean forfeiting the pin and potentially missing out on all the upcoming First Customer Pin opportunities. Unless, of course, you manage secure new ones!

If you have yet to secure a First Customer Pin, both REFUSE x LAST RESORTS and ODINN'S EYE #1 will release First Customer Pins in conjunction with the comics. Both are in stores December 1st. Good luck.

Lastly, you may be thinking, why? Why are you doing this BAD IDEA? Simple. We're training you. Training the BAD IDEA faithful to ignore what's at the end of the rainbow. To enjoy the journey. Don't worry about what you're pre-ordering or what you're redeeming for. Just pre-order. Just redeem. Blindly. Always.

Remember, the BAD IDEA way also means no variants, no trades, no digital, select stores, perennially available Not First Printings and no more than approximately two comics a month – just monthly comics, sold in comic book shops. Goodbye, troubles. Hello, BAD IDEA SIMPLICITY™.


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