Bad Idea Now Tell You Not To Paypal Them $150 for A Used Sticker

Friday morning, Bleeding Cool reported that Bad Idea Comics were trying to get people to pay $14 for a used Final Five sticker in the vague expectation of getting something collectible in return. And using reverse psychology to do so. And also throwing in the news that other people who had sent in nice things had received an unannounced, exclusive and very rare Hero Trade comic by Matt Kindt and David Lapham. Well, in the hours before Black Friday ended, Bad Idea Comics doubles down. And blamed Bleeding Cool.

Bad Idea Now Tell You Not To Paypal Them $150 for A Used Sticker
Bad Idea Now Tell You Not To Paypal Them $150 for A Used Sticker

ONLY HOURS REMAIN For BAD IDEA's Black Friday Deal — Which Will Not Definitely Include Extra Stuff!

The above headline appeared on Bleeding Cool this morning in an article written by an anonymous, apparently wealthy, clearly debutant journalist who trades only under the pseudonym of "rich" Johnston.  Well, Mr. Johnston, we find your article 'rich'…rich with errors!

Our Black Friday offer is simple – send a reasonable sum for a reasonably used item. You and your money'd, well to-do, chaos goblin line cook types may flaunt your ability to pay a whopping $14 for such goods but we, the hard-working common folk at BAD IDEA have no such desires. Moreover, we reject your billionaire class war behavior and will call it out every chance we get!

We've taken the liberty of combing through the hundreds of donations received thus far and have created a list of the top 10 most outrageous, egregious and preposterous donations. We mean to publicly shame you Mr. Johnston, and your silk-stockinged cohorts in crime. Behold, the wealthy class:

Jesse O. $111.18
Matthew B. $110.21
Paul D. $96.62
Aaron A. $96.61
Trend T. $71.92
Christiaan K. $64.24
Jason A. $62.62
Guillermo F $55.00
Joshua C $48.06
Peter L. $47.31

Why only list 10? Absolutely no reason. But heed our warning. Do not attempt to break into the top 10. Do not send us more money than is appropriate. And definitely don't send a second Paypal in the hopes that it will be added to your previous amount and total a large enough number to break into the top 10 or some other such arbitrary threshold that we've devised, above which lies treasure beyond imagining.

As they said in the original offer.

Remember, do not send more than $9.99 + S&H. Sending more money will absolutely have no impact on whether you receive any kind of super-secret extra. The more money you send the more likely you are to receive a super-secret extra is not a statement we stand behind.
Please allow up to 6 weeks to re-receive your sticker.

A bluff? A double bluff? A triple bluff? A blind man's bluff? A bad idea bluff? Take your pick… and then send it to in the next two hours.

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