Bestia is Yen Press' Latest Fantasy Romance Manga Series

Yen Press highlighted their license to publish a new manga series today called Bestia. This series is once again an adaptation of a Light Novel (Japanese for Young Adult) fantasy about a young man who discovers a world he didn't know existed lurking beneath the reality he thought he knew.

Bestia is Yen Press' Latest Fantasy Romance Manga Series
Bestia Volume 1 cover from Yen Press

As you might know by now, Japanese manga and anime culture cater to very specific fantasies. If it exists, someone dreams about it, and there will be a Light Novel or a manga about it and it'll probably become an anime. This one features a hapless, earnest hero who's deathly afraid of animals who, of course, ends up having to confront his fear. That fear is amplified when he goes to London and ends up discovering a secret society of half-animal werepeople who pass for humans most of the time. And of course, he has a romance with his biggest fear – a girl who transforms into a vicious dog! See the story design here?

Yen Press announced the series in their twitter feed:


Bestia Volume 1 is available now and features a story by Makoto Sanda and artwork by Miyakokashiwa.

The official synopsis goes thus:

"Chasing a faint memory from childhood, Asuka Tsukasa travels to London…and falls headlong into fantasy, intrigue, and the piercing gaze of a beautiful beast girl!

"Asuka, you are my keeper."

Asuka Tsukasa has an irrational fear of animals, especially dogs-which makes studying

abroad in London, city of dog lovers, a bit of a challenge for him. There, in his vanished mother's hometown, he hopes to find a clue to her whereabouts and to meet the mysterious smiling girl from his dreams. But life only gets harder for this zoophobe when he's invited to join a secret organization that seeks to coexist with beasts and protect the world from the ones that go out of control. At least he gets to meet that girl – though she turns out to be a giant, snarling dog who wants nothing more than to tear him to shreds!"

Bestia Volume 1 is now available in both print and digital formats.

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