Black Mask Brings Lance Henriksen, Atari Teenage Riot And NEN To Local Comic Shop Day Next Week

Next Saturday is Local Comic Shop Day, where participating stores will be selling exclusive items for that day.

Black Mask, who made a big, if disorganised, thing out of this last year have been more prepared this year. Even if it has all been a bit secretive.

Until now.


The Forevers secret item – The Forevers Magazine.

15032116_1211024272269478_4172680443339535408_nCo-creator Curt Pires writes,

Around August 2016 I began work on an ambitious project: A companion piece to THE FOREVERS series that would be comprised of photography, mixed media art, and narrative/editorial content that would tie into and expand upon the themes of the series itself, but also function as an individual art object. As I began work on the project I became increasingly fascinated with the idea of nostalgia, and melancholy, and juxtaposing this with the sort of beauty and depravity, and destruction that, to me, The Forevers is truly about. Imagery of a lone car speeding down a desolate highway enveloped me. I imagined myself inside the car, speeding away from everyone and everything I knew, towards something new entirely. Nostalgia Overdrive.

I combed through my archives, and prepared new photos that embodied these ideas. Photos taken in Las Vegas, my hometown of Calgary Alberta, and a plethora of other locations worldwide. I was particularly inspired by photographers such as Sandy Kim, Larry Clarke, and Wolfgang Tillman's exceptional work on the also exceptional Boys Don't Cry zine prepared by Frank Ocean.

The final product is a novelty sized print object that integrates both color and black and white photography, autofictional poetry, and editorial content including a heartbreakingly beautiful interview with artist extraordinaire and friend Ramon Villalobos. Also: A comic that you can only read with a magnifying glass that is not in print elsewhere.

I believe as creators we must open ourselves to new modes of creation, new frontiers, and free ourselves from self imposed boxes that only force us to limit what we can achieve. This was my attempt to do so. I enjoyed the experience, and I hope you will too.

The Forevers Zine is on sale worldwide as a part of local comic shop day. I hope you will support your retailer by picking up a copy.

And for Godkillers' secret item, we had an idea before….


…but now we have an explanation.

The Godkiller 12-inch vinyl picture disc with audio from the animated film. This is the counterpart to the first-ever Godkiller hardcover 304-page deluxe collection for that hardcover artwork by Alexis Ziritt with a page size larger than standard comics. Maybe LCSD has more in common with RSD than we thought. Here's the list of bullet points why AP readers need to pay attention to this sweet release.

The counterpart to the first-ever Godkiller hardcover 304-page deluxe collection for that hardcover artwork by Alexis Ziritt with a page size larger than standard comics.

godkillersidea godkillersideb

The record is limited to 666 copies and has voice acting by Lance Henriksen, Danielle Harris, AFI's Davey Havok, Motion City Soundtrack's Justin Pierre, music by Atari Teenage Riot and art from NEN and Ben Templesmith.

godkillerAnd for retailers who want to order the hardcover without the vinyl, Black Mask has just given them that option as well…

The animated Godkiller film can also be found on Blu-Ray with the Tomorrow's Ashes collection out in December…



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