Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 18th December 2016 – Where Flash Beats IVX


Another Batman monthly title at the top, with the team book Detective Comics, but it's a wider spread of DC superhero titles in this week's top ten, and while IVX sees the mutant appeal back with a vengeance, it's still beaten on the comic book shelf by Flash. And even the DC Rebirth Holiday Special outsells every other Marvel book.  As does Mark Millar and Greg Capullo's Reborn from Image….

This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

  1. Detective Comics #946
  2. Wonder Woman #12
  3. Suicide Squad #8
  4. Flash #12
  5. IVX #1
  6. Action Comics #969
  7. DC Rebirth Holiday Special #1
  8. Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #10
  9. Reborn #3
  10. Old Man Logan #15

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Who had this to say,

We saw a HUGE surge for Rick and Morty, Invaders Zim and Lenore this week. Trades are flying out the door. Its been a Great week for Back issue and Emo product.

Nice to see a DC/Marvel mix. Rebirth had been kicking Marvel's butt.

Pretty good sales week with a larger than normal Thursday. Marvel takes five spots but only Hawkeye #1 cracked the top five at #4 on the list. Detective is our best of the week with Flash, Wonder Woman, and Action Comics rounding out the top half. Reborn has shed very few readers so far and comes in at #6. The rest of Marvel's books are probably what you'd expect. Inhumans vs. X-Men is #10 for us. I do not have high hopes of it making further lists. My favorite book of the week was Moonshine.

We were pleasantly surprised at the attach rate for the holiday special – We added it to pull lists with 3+ DC titles and most people are picking it up despite the price (and those that aren't want it kept for them until new year when they have more cash). IVX did ok with issue #0 but 1 doing better than expected – again even accounting for crazy cover price. Suicide Squad saw a bump with the prelude to Justice League tie-in. Outside the top 10 the biggest gain was for #3 of Star Trek Boldly Go which is picking up readers with each issue.

Xmas is seeing a big bump in comics sales for all ages – Especially DC Super Powers #1 as parents look for a way to get Batman for kids. Great news as we need younger readers to start picking up books!

DC sweeps all ten spots in our store's Top Ten this week–and the real surprise was the incredible performance of the $9.99 Holiday Special, which missed the top spot by only two copies (and that was with only one cover, while the other DC Rebirth books had two covers to boost sales somewhat). Marvel's big book of the week, IVX #1, came in as our 12th best seller of the week, as fans continue to view "Marvel Now" as "Marvel Not Now."

Great interest in Wonder Woman and Spider-Man back issues, both inspired by upcoming films.

IVX #1 took the top spot. Marvel finally gave readers what they want…more X-Men. Should be a great first quarter of 2017 since people are finally getting what they wanted. The rest of the books performed great…even Red Sonja which i did not count on my top 10 since it was only 25 cents.

Star Wars is back on people's minds and all titles were on full kick mode with people picking up as much as the could afford..that is what would not effect their designated Christmas funds.

Not a bad week. Marvel is starting to wiggle in to the top ten a bit with three titles making it. Though Old Man Logan and Guardians received more interest thanks to the trailers of the upcoming movies than anything Marvel Comics itself is doing.

Thanks to the holidays back issues are doing well. Detective Comics the first volumn surprised me that people were picking them up suddenly. Hulk's first series back issues found a new home. And the most shocking was Blackhawk got some love.

Though we are focused on the top 10 for this report, I think that spots 11 through 30 were mostly tied. That is a good thing and it shows a nice sales level of mid-level titles. We saw a lot of interest in Totally Awesome Hulk 13 thanks to sports guy Jeremy Lin's appearance. Black Mask fans were treated to the long-awaited Young Terrorists #2 and Black #3. I think Young Terrorists cracked our top 10 because of the huge promotion we did on issue 1, which kind of sells like a trade paperback for us. Moonshine is a read and raved about by our entire staff so it gets a lot of attention when customers are looking for something new.

The back issue department was a little quiet this week but a few notable transactions included bronze age Warlock, Rick and Morty, our Faith #1 foil exclusive variant and a few first ongoing series Harley Quinn books went out at strong prices.

Events win the day with the first part of IVX #1 taking the top spot and Suicide Squad #8 (the lead into Justice League vs Suicide Squad) taking number two. DC Rebirth Holiday Special may have placed higher if we didn't sellout immediately. Events and Number 1's continue to be our top sellers and thankfully there appears to be no end in sight for these.

Another top ten without a Marvel title as DC takes spots 1-9 and then Reborn gives Image our tenth bestseller this week at FFF. Detective, Flash, WW, Suicide Squad, Batman/TMNT Adventures, Action, Hal, Injustice, Batgirl & BoP make up our top 9, Reborn at 10 and Supergirl and Deathstroke at 11 and 12. Marvel finally shows up in spot 13 through 15 with Spider-Man, IVX and Poe Dameron. Probably not the IVX start they were aiming for. Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows 2 was only our 17thbestseller so far this week, although it's numbers are still similar to ASM and Clone Conspiracy. Meanwhile, Walking Dead 161 sold just enough copies to tie Renew 2 and make it into the top twenty for the second week in a row.

Hawkeye 1 didn't do very well and Gwenpool Holiday Special barely sold at all. I'm starting to hear from a few creators how they're worried about retailers cutting their orders on Marvel's upcoming books. One creator said they don't know how much longer they'll be working on their current books. Retailers aren't the only one readjusting the way they look at the industry right now.

Spider-Man (Amazing and Todd McFarlane) and Uncanny & Adjectiveless X-Men continue to sell from our overstock back issues. We've seen a heavy flow of Punisher and a bit of Guardians of the Galaxy (Bendis run) recently thanks to the media properties that both are appearing in. Batman & Detective Comics are a consistent back issue sellers as well. With the announcement of the new Gotham City Sirens movie, we have already seen an uptick in Harley Quinn and Catwoman back issues and even Poison Ivy appearances. Walking Dead and Saga always sell solid numbers of back issues every week.

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