Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 19th July 2015 – A Justice League Apart

STK675928A collation of the top ten charts of a number o disparate stores, measuring sales on Wednesdays and Thursdays only, those who can't wait till the weekend to buy their comics. A indication of unstoppable desire…

Justice League takes the top with its Joker baiting, proving that you don't need tight continuity to sell well. There's a greater DC Comics presence in the top ten than usual, with four towards the top, but that's mostly down to a lack of Star Wars, Spider-Man and Secret Wars main series this week…

  • 1. Justice League #42
  • 2. Guardians Of Knowhere #1
  • 3. Robin Son Of Batman #2
  • 4. Years Of Future Past #3
  • 5. Harley Quinn #18
  • 6. Planet Hulk #3
  • 7. Superman Wonder Woman #19
  • 8. Secret Wars Battleworld #3
  • 9. Hawkeye #22
  • 10. Siege #1

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Dc Comics finally gets a shot at the top ten by having the top 4 spots and 5 spots all together this week.  Jim Lees Batman Sketch action figure takes the #1 spot and Harley Quinn barely beats out Justice league #42 on late Thursday night sales.  Marvel takes the other 5 spots, however a lack of titles made it a poor overall Marvel week.  SDCC product owned the week though and continues to flurry during the weekend to follow.  This was a Great overall Money week with a combination of new issues and Con Product.

WIth there being five Wednesdays this month the shipments are more spaced out. Justice League 42 was easily the most popular comic to come out. Armor Wars still sells very well. Valiant's Book of Death sold out on Wednesday. Easily the highest selling Valiant title here at the store in years. I under ordered on that one. Not a great week comic wise. Not a bad week either.

Amazing Spiderman 1st series seeing some movement thanks to all the movie talk about the upcoming new Spiderman.

Finally a breather from all the huge weeks leading up to SDCC. Book of Death was the #1 seller since i passed the savings from the deep discount along to my customers selling 337 copies first 2 days. Justice League was the runner up with many of the Secret War titles left in their dust.

Anything that had a trailer at SDCC was sought after over the weekend for back-issues. The surprise is the amount of copies of Inhuman #1 that sold in store and on the internet.

Below average sales week. Lot of our 5-10 books a week regulars are now down to 1-3 books per week. Same people who skipped Convergence are skipping all of Secret Wars.
Justice League took our top spot by a country mile. Nearly doubling the sales of our #2 and #3 books of the week, Robin, Son of Batman and Hawkeye.
New DC books we have people coming back for are Dr. Fate and Martian Manhunter. Both sold quite well.

Moving nearly all of our Gwen variants.

It was all Big Two in our top ten but Lumberjanes and Invincible nearly made the cut off. Invincible has seen a recent uptick in sales, mostly trades.

Wayward, Rat Queens, Chew and Invincible trades are selling very well. Can't keep the new Image printings of Criminal in stock. If we sell one of those to someone we're guaranteed to see them back within a few days to buy the rest.

Selling a lot of Futures End one-shot back issues. Mostly because we put our huge amount of unsold copies in the $1 box.

A very lackluster comics week–so little excitement, in fact, that only three of this week's Top Ten would have made the Top Ten at all had they shipped last week. Attrition on second issues of new DC launches and Secret Wars tie-ins is higher than average–more than half of the people who bought #1 on the first day did not buy #2, even though our overall transaction count for both days was the same. The biggest failure: Book of Death #1, which sold only 3% of what we ordered on the book (the book was #37 overall. The Geomancer incentive comic book is backfiring in a big way: several customers who were on the fence about the series were so irritated that they couldn't buy a copy of Geomancer for $3.99 as well that they put back Book of Death #1, too, and said they'd be cutting their Valiant purchases since they couldn't get all the books they wanted to read.

Strong interest in Neal Adams Silver Age Batman and X-Men this week, as well as an uptick in interest in DC war books, particularly Haunted Tank.

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