Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 6th April 2014 – Detective Comics #30 And Moon Knight #2 Beats Inhuman #1

Moon_Knight_1_CoverThis is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion…

Bleeding Cool had previously talked about Marvel's disappointment with the orders on Inhuman #1 – to the extent that they are including it in the back of Amazing Spider-Man #1 to hook folk. And here is the evidence – according to Bleeding Cool surveyed retailers, not only did Detective Comics beat it, but so did the second issue of Moon Knight. So Marvel's disappointment with Inhuman could be tempered with their delight at Moon Knight's performance… if there wasn;t a massive future franchise resting on it

Its also worth noting that Aquaman And The Others launched off the chart, despite being the first issue of DC's upcoming event Five Years Later. Not a good omen.

And Black Science is really starting to look like the next East Of West.

  1. Detective Comics #30
  2. Moon Knight #2
  3. Inhuman #1
  4. Earth 2 #22
  5. Action Comics #30
  6. Ultimate Spider-Man #200
  7. Magneto #2
  8. Green Arrow #31
  9. Black Science #5
  10. Green Lantern #30

And thanks to these retailers,

Here's what they had to say…

A mostly average week with a few gems. Inhuman #1 did less than expected as did Deadpool vs Carnage. Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Prelude and She-Hulk #3 both sold out as did the Ultimate Spider-man #200 at $4.99 and two different covers. We're bracing for the wave of moviegoers who will want to read the original Winter Soldier comics.

For a week that didn't have nearly as many "big" books as last week, this week was just as strong sales-wise. This batch of Marvel #2s fared quite well. Interest in Inhuman didn't wane as far as I thought it would based on the 4 month delay.

Good week for sales considering that all the books will get spread out for the 5 shipping weeks this month. Inhuman was steady, but i thought i would have moved about 40 more copies. It looks like it will be like the other titles in which people will back track (She-Hulk and Loki).

Deadpool was the flavor of the week with brisk sales on the regular back-issues and also Thunderbolts. Adam Hughes covers seem to be getting bought up. I assume he must be at conventions coming up. Wonder-Con/C2E2?

Not to exciting of a week oddly enough. Black Widow and She Hulk have seen a massive slow down here. Deadpool vs Carnage is a hit.

Anything with the current Guardians of the Galaxy team are in demand. Batman's current series back issues and from his previous run are in still seeing the love from fans. Walking Dead still pulls in new readers.
America the movie is almost here put we have not seen any improved movement on new or older Captain America comics while just the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer did wonders for sales of the series. Very odd.

It was a relatively small week in comics this week from the Big two so I saw a lot of people trying out new indie #1 books like The Field, Caliban, Shotgun Wedding and Dead Letters. Hopefully that will translate into later sales for those books. Inhuman sold alright but with lots of comments on how few issues we should expect from Joe Mad on the book. Millar & Parlovs Starlight sold like mad, it was our #2 seller this week!

Selling a ton of the Harley Quinn 2nd printings. Customers are wild for that character right now and will buy anything with her on it.

A pretty dreary week, reflecting the near-total absence of interesting projects and storylines offered in both January and February solicitations. In something of a non-sequitur, I think of WRC top level rally drivers, and how often their sound bites include the word "fun". In the WRC you have the best, most talented racers in the world bouncing their million-dollar cars off rocks and trees and so on, and talking about fun,

Here in the comics biz,  we have the best, most talented  pictorial  creators in the world watching their million-dollar properties rusting into the ground while they talk about "branding" and TV show or movie tie-ins. I thought comics were supposed to be fun.

The comics industry needs to get some people like Bill Jemas or Steve Gerber back in it.
They made things interesting. And fun.

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