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First Appearance Of Robin In Terrible Condition Still Breaks Records
ComicConnect Sponsored Post Dick Grayson, Robin, first appeared in 1940 alongside Batman in Detective Comics #38 Even then, they were appealing to speculators on the cover And for once, they were right Even if the comic was kept in the very worst condition, it still sells for tens of thousands Detective Comics #38 in CGC 1.5[...]
One Of The Joker's Creepiset Covers On Auction At Heritage Auctions
Detective Comics #365 features a cover with Batman and Robin trying to enter "the house the Joker built," a giant Clown Prince of Crime head with henchman firing shots out of his eyes and mouth I don't know what it is about this one, but it freaks me out On auction at Heritage Auctions right[...]
PrintWatch: Nightwing, Detective Comics, Carnage, We Live 2nd Prints
PrintWatch: DC Comics is sending Nightwing #78 and Detective Comics #1034 back for a second printing That's what happens when you throw in an unsolicited cameo appearance of Flatline… and a dog With new covers by Bryan Hitch and Bryan Redondo. NIGHTWING #78 Second Printing (W) Tom Taylor (A/CA) Bruno Redondo Nightwing is back—and his drive to keep[...]
New Robin Character Flatline Had A Cameo In Detective Comics #1034
Detective Comics #1034 out yesterday did plenty for Gotham, Mayor Nakano – and the Green Arrow – But in the back-up Robin strip, there is a glimpse of the other members of the Legion of Lazarus. New Robin Character Flatline Cameo In Detective Comics #1034 Which makes Detective Comics #1034 the first cameo appearance of Flatline –[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Credit Scene Revealed (Spoilers)
Big spoiler image time. The Future Of Connor Hawke In The DC Universe (Spoilers) Because, leaked to Bleeding Cool, is this word from this week's upcoming Detective Comics #1034 Which has the second part of the Robin story that saw Damian Wayne confront his mother Talia Al Ghul – who, of course, is involved with the Lazarus[...]
Batman Detective Comics #1000 Statue Arrives From Prime 1 Studio
It has been quite some time since DC Comics released the milestone of Batman with Detective Comics #1000 However, that is not stopping Prime 1 Studio as they reveal their new DC Comics 1/3 Scale Batman Concept Statue Design by Jason Fabok The statue is standing at a massive 41" tall and features the Dark[...]
Slam Bradley, The Next Barman In The Next Batman #2 (Spoilers)
The hardboiled private detective was the lead character in Detective Comics #1, created by Superman's creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, back in 1937, and published two years before Batman came along But he is also notable for a number of blatantly racist stories back in the day, so much so that DC Comics had to cancel[...]
When Batman Took on a Rogue Vanguard 2 Satellite in 1959
Throughout all of Batman's history since the character's debut in Detective Comics #27 in 1939, the era of the late 1950s is unique.  Batman and Robin had gone from fighting criminal gangs and supervillains to finding aliens and UFOs in the environs of Gotham.  There are some very interesting reasons behind this bizarre shift, and[...]
Amazing Spider-Man
This unusual state demonstrates just how popular Last Rites and Death Metal are doing right now – and Detective Comics is getting a boost courtesy of Detective Nakano. Amazing Spider-Man #54 Death Metal Last Stories DC Universe #1 Sword #1 Detective Comics #1,032 Batman Black & White #1 Crossover #2 Marauders #16 Avengers #39 Venom #31 Tales from the Dark Multiverse Flashpoint #1 Thanks to the[...]
Brad Walker On Being Dropped From Detective Comics
With the news of the new Detective Comics creative team of Mariko Tamaki and Dan Mora for March 2021, current Detective Comics artist Brad Walker posted to Facebook, about his work with Pete Tomasi on the title, DC has announced a new creative team for Detective Comics after Future State, so I can safely post that[...]
Mariko Tamaki and Dan Mora on Detective Comics #1034 From March 2021
It's Detective Comics time… Today, there have been more CCXP announcements from DC Comics regarding their March titles The DC Omniverse DC 2021 Whatever you wish to call it And you know the drill Mariko Tamaki and Dan Mora will be the creators on Detective Comics from #1034 in March, after their two-issue stint on[...]
Both Marvel and DC Now Have Anti-Masker Protests
Yesterday's Detective Comics #1031 saw The Mirror take to the streets of Gotham, riling up the locals and seeing people protest against mask use With No More Bats signs on their shirts, the message was clear, as was The Mirror's funding of soon-to-be- Mayor Nakano ajnd his anti-mask campaign It has been a protest that[...]
Mayor Nakano? Detective Comics #1031 and Future State Spoilers
Detective Nakano? Or Mayor Nakano? Today sees the publication of Detective Comics #1031 and the DC Future State Preview book In which we learn that the Dark Detective Future State series will be set in 2027 And, in seven years time, Detective Nakano will be Mayor of the city on an anti-vigilante platform In Detective[...]
First Appearance Of Martian Manhunter On Auction Today At Heritage
For instance: how many of you had no idea that his first appearance was in Detective Comics #225? I bet a good chunk of you This first appearance of Martian Manhunter, a graded copy on auction today at Heritage Auctions, part of lot #7236, is an underappreciated key book CGC graded 5.0, it has a[...]
The Crowds Of Gotham City - Are There Good People On Both Sides?
Today sees the publication of Detective Comics #1030 and Punchline Special #1 from DC Comics, both see the people of Gotham tacking to the streets in a rather disturbing fashion While Batgirl #50 has a group of marchers against the violence of the Joker War and asking for help repairing their city… Batgirl #50 artwork. In Detective[...]