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Yet Another Rando Knows Who Batman Is? (Detective Comics Spoilers)
Though thanks to DC, Tuesday Titans too. If any other retailers would like to report their top sellers, please contact Detective Comics #1040 Spoilers Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List of the week Detective Comics #1,040 BRZRKR #4 Amazing Spider-Man #71 Infinite Frontier #3 Superman Son of Kal-El #1 Fantastic Four #34 Star Wars #15 Batman Superman #20 Something Is Killing The Children #18 Amazing Fantasy #1 Thanks[...]
Yet Another Rando Knows Who Batman Is? (Detective Comics Spoilers)
How many people know that Bruce Wayne is Batman? Not as many know Clark Kent is Superman these days since he told the world, but it seems that Bruce is getting more and more careless.  Today's Detective Comics #1040 by Mariko Tamaki and Dan Mora adds another to the list of villains from Ra's Al[...]
Detective Comics #1040 is in stores from DC Comics on Tuesday, and in this preview, we find Bruce Wayne thrown in the drunk tank at a Gotham City police station No, DC isn't doing their own version of Demon in a Bottle Bruce needs to clear his name so he can get back to the[...]
Detective Comics #44 from the Promise Collection, DC Comics, 1940.
 There are more details about that background in a previous post regarding this incredible collection of comic books.  And over the course of a few dozen articles in this new series of posts, we will also be revealing the complete listing of the collection. Detective Comics #44 from the Promise Collection, DC Comics, 1940. This collection began[...]
Detective Comics #1039 is in stores from DC Comics on Tuesday, and the solicit promises a SHOCKING CHARACTER DEATH,  which just happens to be one of Joe Quesada's famous "22 Cheap Sales-Boosting Gimmicks That Always Work" (every good comics editor keeps a copy of the listicle pinned in their cubicle) But who will it be?[...]
Spawn Universe #1 Tops Bleeding Cool Bestseller List
Notably, the likes of Detective Comics topped DC's event #1 comic book this week And a second printing, courtesy of a digital code, also made it in… Spawn Universe #1 Detective Comics #1038 Infinite Frontier #1 Wolverine #13 Amazing Spider-Man #69 Darth Vader #3 Robin #3 Way Of X #3 Batman Fortnite Zero Point (2nd printing) #3 Heroes Return #1 Thanks to the following Bleeding Cool Bestseller List[...]
Making The Penguin Formidable Again (Detective Comics)
And in today in Detective Comics #1038, Meghan Fitzmartin, Karl Moster and Jodie Bellaire have their fishcake and eat it, firstly having Penguin being treated as a nuisance, not even worthy of Batman. While a big crime boss is blowing up downtown Gotham, the Penguin is literally relegated to the back-up strip, and even his own[...]
Making The Penguin Formidable Again (Detective Comics)
It's the eternal question rarely asked in the Batman comic books, who would live in Gotham? This week's Detective Comics #1038 published by DC Comics underlines the unlikeliness of people not just moving out Whether that's the Riddler lockdown, No Man's Land, the recent A-Day terrorist attacks, and the encroaching fascist police state, today seems[...]
Spoilers: Robins, Foxes & Peacekeeprs in Batman Comics Today
Today sees the release of Batman: Urban Legends, Detective Comics, and Future State: Gotham, all with various takes on the current Batman gallery in Gotham – and what's to come So in Future State Gotham, we have Jason Todd in his new future role as Peacekeeper Red… Certainly, in Batman: Urban Legends, we get to see[...]
Spoilers: Another Brand New Villain For Batman: Urgan Legends
So while the regular Batman comic sees Bruce Wayne dealing with the idea of a Scarecrow attack being as terrifying as an actual one, Detective Comics sees Batman and the Batfamily dealing with parasites turning folk into rage monsters… Urban Legends has another drug, similar to the Scarecrow toxins but going the other way, Cheerdrops[...]
Things are looking pretty grim for Bruce Wayne in this preview of Detective Comics #1037 Bruce is now a suspect in not one but two murders And arriving home early in the morning looking like he hasn't showered in a week is unlikely to do much to prove his innocence In this preview, we also[...]
Bad Guy On Cover of Detective Comcis #27 Gets A Name
Detective Comics #27, featuring the first appearance of Batman, as depicted by Bob Kane. But the scene on the cover doesn't actually play out in the comic. But in today's Batman Black And White #6, a story by Scott Snyder, John Romita and Klaus Janson goes back to that cover, and gives it a backstory. The Detective Comics[...]
Huntress Back-Up Strip Invades Detective Comics #1036 Main Feature
Today's Detective Comics #1036 has Huntress make the case against that. Huntress Back-Up Strip in Detective Comics #1035 In the previous issue, Detective Comcis #1035, the Huntress back-up strip had Huntress dealing with the fact that Mary Knox, one of the people she cared for in the Narrows – and had an occasionally fractious relationship with – [...]
DC Comics To Restart Batman and Superman Collections From Vol 1 Again
Time to start counting again! It looks like DC Comics will be reunumbering their collections for Action Comics and Detective Comics from Vol 1 again, for the post Future State/Infinite Frontier semi-relaunch Which means that the Phillip Kennedy Johnson-written Action Comics run which began with Action Comics #1030 will be collected in a new Volume[...]
Of course, we can see in this preview of Detective Comics #1036 that it's actually Clayface How will Bruce get out of this one? Find out on the next episode of Three's Company! Wait, no, we mean in Detective Comics #1036, in stores on Tuesday from DC Comics. DETECTIVE COMICS #1036 DC Comics 0321DC057 0321DC058 – DETECTIVE COMICS #1036[...]