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Detective Comics #1022 Joins DC's Joker War

Lunar Comic Distributors has told comic book retailers that Detective Comics #1022 from DC Comics will now have a "Joker War" logo.  Previously it had not been solicited as being part of the Joker War event at DC Comics, and advance reorders for the comic has passed. Also it doesn't look like DC, Diamond or UCS […]


90's Batman and More are Back with Eaglemoss Statues

The Batman decades statues continue to release from Eaglemoss as we start in the 70s and end in the 90s. We have already seen statues from 1940, 1950, and 1960 and you can find them located here. In 1970, we continue to stay in the world of the blue, grey, and yellow trimmed design of […]


Two-Face Cleans up Gotham City in Detective Comics #1021 [Preview]

For decades, Batman has been waging a war on crime in Gotham City, a war which consists primarily of dressing up as a bat and beating the crap out of mentally ill criminals. But is there a more effective way? While Batman continues his usual dark and brooding quest in Detective Comics #1021, Two-Face has […]

Coronavirus Toilet Paper Shortage? Here's Five Comics You Can Wipe Your Ass With

Coronavirus Toilet Paper Shortage? Here's Five Comics You Can Wipe Your Ass With

With states and major cities around the United States shut down to prevent the spread of the deadly pandemic of COVID-19 disease caused by a novel strain of coronavirus, panicky people have been raiding stores all over the country to buy up all the toilet paper, prompting photos of desolate stores with empty shelves which […]

Ric is Dick, Batman Has Knightmares, Batgirl Relives Trauma, and Two-Face May Die in DC's Joker War Solicits for June

In June's Detective Comics #1024… Two-Face May Die!!! [Joker War]

Two-Face may meet his end in June, and not because he's contracted the coronavirus. Well, actually, the solicit doesn't explicitly say he hasn't, so who knows? When will Gotham's supervillains make the reasonable decision to conduct all of their crime from home for the time being?! There's a whole world of cyber-crime out there that […]

THE ISSUE: Robin and Black Canary Leaping Through Leap Day

THE ISSUE: Robin and Black Canary Leaping Through Leap Day

Welcome to the once-every-four-years Leap Day edition of The Issue.  At issue today is Leslie's Magazine, February 29, 1912 edition. One of the most important non-fiction titles in American history, the series got its start as Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper in 1855. "Frank Leslie" was actually an  English engraver named Henry Carter who had gotten […]

Detective Comics #1020 [Preview]

Two-Face Becomes the Punisher in Detective Comics #1020 [Preview]

Next week, Detective Comics #1020 hits stores from DC Comics, by Peter Tomasi and Brad Walker. It's a Two-Face-centric issue, it seems, and we've gota preview below. One in which we find Harvey Dent delivering a monologue… while Two-Face delivers an inner monologue. But neither personality is here just to wax poetic. Two-Face has an […]

Wednesday New Year's Day 2020

The Death Of Pennyworth Comes To Detective Comics #1018

Alfred Pennyworth is dead, in the Batman comic books, killed by Tom King (#29 on the power list). Not in The Batman's Grave though – unless he is an illusion of Bruce. And not in Doomsday Clock either, and the rest of DC Comics are going to have to use a sledgehammer to get that […]

Detective Comics #1013 [Preview]

The Snyder Cut of Batman in Detective Comics #1013 [Preview]

Detective Comics #1013 is in stores this week from DC Comics, by Peter Tomasi, Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza, and more. We've got a preview below, liberated from a compliant DC media partner. This issue is also available as a DCeased variant. The preview starts with Batman doing what he does best… beating the crap out […]

Tom Taylor Writes Detective Comics in December... But Only For One Issue

Tom Taylor Writes Detective Comics in December… But Only For One Issue

Australia's favorite son Tom Taylor will be the new writer of Detective Comics in December… for one issue. Taylor is the guest writer for Detective Comics #1017 alongside artist Fernando Blanco for a one-off winter tale set to explore the relationship between Batman and Damian Wayne. The issue hits stores on December 11th. DETECTIVE COMICS […]

Detective Comics #1010

The Batman Who Fell to Earth in This EXCLUSIVE Detective Comics #1010 Preview

Detective Comics #1010 is in stores from DC Comics next week, by the creative team of writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Christian Duce. Later today, or maybe this weekend, or maybe early next week, DC Comics will hand an EX-X-XCLUSIVE preview of this comic to one of their compliant media partners, part of the […]

Detective Comics #1009 [Preview]

Batman to Replace Alfred With Canine Labor? Detective Comics #1009 [Preview]

Detective Comics #1009 hits stores next week, by Peter Tomasi and Christian Duce. And over the next few days, DC Comics will provide EX-X-XCLUSIVE previews of Detective Comics and all their other comics to compliant media partner websites. Bleeding Cool, unfortunately, is neither compliant nor a partner. Some might argue we're hardly even media. But […]

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Batman DZNR Chibi YuMe Plush Available Now at Walmart

Batman fans will want to keep their eyes peeled to Walmart's online store, as they have a line of chibi plush Caped Crusader's available from YuMe. The DZNR (pronounced Designer) line of plush come in collector boxes and feature cool designs celebrating The Dark Knight's 80th anniversary this year. Each features artwork on the plush […]

Dr. Freeze's Wife Nora Reverse Fridged in Detective Comics #1012

Mr. Freeze's Wife Nora Reverse Fridged in Detective Comics #1012

Fridging is a term first coined by Gail Simone to describe female comic book characters killed, tortured, or otherwise mistreated for the sole purpose of motivating a male character, named after Green Lantern #54 (1994), in which Green Lantern's girlfriend was killed and literally stuffed in a kitchen appliance. But in Detective Comics #1012, DC […]

Man-Bat, Detective Comics #400, and What Really Ended The Silver Age

Man-Bat, Detective Comics #400, and What Really Ended The Silver Age

Collectors like boundaries. We like to know when things start, and when they stop.  Knowing such things is an important requirement, because otherwise… well, you can't just collect all the comic books, can you? Because even monetary demands aside, then pretty soon you'd have to have a warehouse to put all that vintage paper in […]

Batman Getting Two New SDCC Exclusives From Mattel

Batman Getting Two New SDCC Exclusives From Mattel

Batman collectors will have at least 2 SDCC exclusives to hunt down this year. Mattel have revealed their plans to help celebrate The Dark Knight's 80th birthday at this years show, including a four figure multi-pack and a Hot Wheels exclusive celebrating the Batmobile from Tim Burton's 1989 film. Both will be available at the […]

Batman and Deadshot Team-Up in Detective Comics in August

Batman and Deadshot Team-Up in Detective Comics in August

It looks like Batman is getting a new BFF in the pages of Detective Comics this August. Beginning in Detective Comics #1009, the "Take Your Shot" storyline will see Deadshot and Batman team-up! It begins when Batman is concerned that the former villain will revert to his pre-Suicide Squad ways without the influence of Amanda […]

Detective Comics #1000 Keeps Selling and Selling and Selling

We mentioned this in the April 2019 marketshare report earlier. But, as well as Immortal Hulk #16 outselling Batman #68 and #69, there was another remarkable performance in the top ten most-ordered comic books for the month. That of Detective Comics #1000, the best-selling title of March reappearing in the top ten for most revenue-raising […]

How the Arkham Knight Ruins Batman's Life in Detective Comics #1001 (Spoilers)

How the Arkham Knight Ruins Batman's Life in Detective Comics #1001 (Spoilers)

With Detective Comics #1000 in the can, it's time to start the long trudge towards #2000, one issue at a time, starting with today's Detective Comics #1001 by Peter J. Tomasi, Brad Walker, and Andrew Hennessy. And after Detective Comics #1000 brought us the DC Comics debut of Batman's latest and greatest nemesis, the Arkham […]