Booze Geek: Night Time Ale And Doctor Mid-Nite

tumblr_n5quwxpxRc1qzdvc3o1_500By Dylan Gonzalez

Beer: Night Time

Brewery: Lagunitas

The night. All manner of things come from the night. Things that crawl, things that screech. And things that are high in alcohol content. This evening, I tried out Lagunitas Night Time Ale, an Imperial Double Black IPA. And if you don't find that a little imposing, there's something up with you.

Night Time poured a thick, long-lasting head and was a deep, chestnut brown color. It gave off a pretty dank, hoppy scent, as well as giving off hints of pine and citrus. There was also a strong malt presence, which produced a very interesting blend of aromas.

What I was most surprised by was the taste. At first I noticed the hops and malts, but this quickly flowed into a very nice mix of coffee, nuts and even a little chocolate. The finish was on the hoppier side, but no complaints here. On the palate, I found the beer to have a thicker body but it was much smoother than most IPAs, with not too much carbonation present.

Overall, I really enjoyed Night Time. The blend of hops with the darker beer flavors gave it a lot of character. Recommended if you want to branch out with your IPAs.

What to Drink This To:

midniteThe obvious suggestion would be Batman. However, I am going to go one step further. A few years back, I was browsing the Used Books section of Barnes & Noble and came across the Doctor Mid-Nite limited series trade paperback by Matt Wagner and John K. Snyder III. Since reading it, I have constantly said it was one of the best superhero stories I have ever read. It is a fantastic reimagining of the character and Wagner has an excellent grasp of who Pieter Cross is and becomes. Snyder's artwork is also stellar, carrying over the best aspects of the 90's and turning into a truly unique style. It is futuristic but still grungy, with a fitting color palate of greys, greens and browns.

If you can, track down a copy of the Doctor Mid-Nite series, you will not regret it.

Dylan Gonzalez happens to love beer and comic books and luckily found a place to write about both because he has no idea how to actually make money in the real world. He lives in a cave in New Jersey.

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