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The official trailer for Tenet. Image Credit: Warner Bros.
Those films include The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Prestige, Inception, Interstellar, and now Tenet Caine argues that he is now Nolan's good luck charm of sorts: "All the films I have made with him have raked in over a billion dollars, so he has to have me in a film even if he has no part[...]
“Ad Astra” is the Ultimate Sad Astronaut Movie [Review]
Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar has to abandon his children on a desperate mission to save the Earth Sandra Bullock in Gravity has a dead daughter in her background Ryan Gosling in First Man plays Neil Armstrong as a man mourning his dead daughter and compartmentalizing his possible death in space. If we're in a bad timeline,[...]
James Cameron at a ceremony as Gale Anne Hurd is honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on October 3, 2012 in Los Angeles, California
And then you have scientifically responsible science fiction like The Martian or Interstellar." He went on to say: "Science Fiction is kind of a commercial genre It's not really  an elevated dramatic genre In fact it's a genre as opposed to humanistic storytelling But I would argue until I am blue in the face that science fiction is the quintessence[...]
The Christopher Nolan 4K Box Set Is Unreal, In The Best Ways
Director Christopher Nolan is a perfectionist, and the majority of his films show this. We recently upgraded our home theater system to a 7.1.2, specifically in order to really appriciate the wide range of things being offered on 4K Ultra HD, like the Warner Brothers Christopher Nolan 4K/Blu Ray box set collection. The 21 disc set contains Nolan's three Batman[...]
Christopher Nolan Films 4k
The other four films will be The Prestige, Inception, Interstellar, and this past summer's Dunkirk The set of all seven films will set you back $149.99. Christopher Nolan 4K Blu-ray Releases Nolan had this to say about the 4K format: "4K Blu-ray with HDR is an incredibly exciting new home video format that allows a much closer recreation[...]
Booze Geek – Spacewalker American Belgo And Interstellar
By Dylan Gonzalez Beer: Spacewalker American Belgo Brewery: Great Lakes Brewing Co. ABV: 8.2% It seems only fitting that my return beer is space related.  I feel like I have been gone so long, it was like I was off planet.  Booze Geek is back in the game.  This week, I checked out Great Lakes' Spacewalker American Belgo, a[...]
First Non-Spoiler Review: Interstellar – Shooting For The Stars And Hitting The Moon
That sentiment is largely how I've ended up feeling about Christopher Nolan's latest offering, Interstellar. Set during the potential death throes of humanity, it's become clear that Earth isn't a long term solution for the species Crops are failing, dust storms are affecting people's health and humans are now just the "caretakers" of the planet[...]
New Interstellar Trailer Expands On The Existing Universe
A new trailer has been released for Christopher Nolan's upcoming film, Interstellar, and it starts to show how different the world In the opening of the trailer Matthew McConaughey and his family approach what looks to be a downed drone and he pulls the black box… but they speak about it like it's a wounded[...]
Comic-Con Trailer For Interstellar Released
Here is the video that had folks talking and had Christopher Nolan show up to his first Comic-Con. Interstellar is directed by Nolan and written by his brother, John Nolan, based on the theories of physicist Kip Thorne The film stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Bill Irwin, Ellen Burstyn, and Michael Caine. [...]
[VIDEO] Christopher Nolan Talks Interstellar At San Diego Comic Con
In one of the biggest surprises of San Diego Comic Con 2014 so far, Christopher Nolan joined Matthew McConaughey on stage in Hall H last night to talk about Interstellar: [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] In one of the biggest surprises of San Diego Comic Con 2014 so far, Christopher Nolan joined Matthew McConaughey on stage in Hall H last night to[...]
Christopher Nolan Hits The Paramount Panel For Interstellar [Plus Kevin Eastman Talks TMNT, And More]
Well, if it ain't broke… A surprise rivaling the Rock's appearance came packaged in Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey  came to the stage after a quick teaser of his new film Interstellar. Then he dropped the bomb that put everyone on their feet: Christopher Nolan is in the house. The former steward of the Batman franchise received thunderous applause from the crowd. Nolan spoke[...]
Jessica Chastain's Character In Interstellar Revealed
So if you want to know who Jessica Chastain is playing in Interstellar, keep scrolling down for the tweet from The Wrap reporter Jeff Sneider If you don't want to know, stop right here… but risk losing out on all the great discussion that will happen between people who do choose to know I know[...]
First Interstellar Teaser Poster
It looks like Christopher Nolan will be pushing for humans to leave Earth behind in Interstellar, judging by the first teaser poster released today. "Mankind was born on Earth It was never meant to die here." Generically sci-fi and vague enough that we still know nothing about what the plot will be, but hopefully the trailer that's[...]