The Brave and the Bold- Batman/Wonder Woman #1 Review: Slow, Goofy… Jaysus

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There is chaos in the Faerie realm of Tir Na Nog, and Lord Cernunnos is trying his best to calm the unrest. However, he cannot do it alone and seeks help.

Elsewhere, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are in a vacation getaway in Antarctica. They hope to be undisturbed, but, when Cernunnos calls for help, Diana must answer.

In Gotham, Batman is perplexed by the catatonia rampant in the Irish Quarter of Gotham City. He dons the cowl and goes to investigate the mystery.

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman #1 cover by Liam Sharpe and Romulo Fajardo Jr.
The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman #1 cover by Liam Sharpe and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Why would a pagan deity say "Jaysus?"

For a relaunch of The Brave and the Bold, it wastes all the time in the world to get its two heroes to even see one another. Batman and Wonder Woman don't even speak in this comic, let alone see one another.

Also, Lord Cernunnos offers to partake in a threesome with Steve Trevor and Diana. I don't care that he is a god of fertility; it's still a dumb and cringe-worthy joke.

It's also very questionable to open up a Wonder Woman tale by telling us that a part of her would rather be playing dutiful girlfriend to Steve than being DC's biggest badass, then having her wait an hour before helping Cernunnos to boink Steve Trevor.

Apparently, chaos in Tir Na Nog shuts down the brain of Irish folk. Get it? Because they're all mystically-attuned leprechauns. Jaysus. I guess Ireland shut down during this crisis.

And, for the love of Shuma-Gorath, why would an Odin-damned Irish pagan deity say "Jaysus?"

I'm focusing on these small-yet-distractingly-dumb details because that's all this comic really has in terms of writing, small and distractingly dumb details. So much time and text is spent setting up the Tir Na Nog plot, and it's quite boring. The idea of an isolated god-realm going stir-crazy isn't bad, but it doesn't take long to establish that. The pages not spent over-explaining that concept are filled with the above-mentioned dumb details.

The shame of it all is that Liam Sharpe is a damn good artist. This is a frigging beautiful comic. It has its hang-ups; Wonder Woman has a miniscule waste, a shortened skirt, and a ridiculous bust, and Batman is so muscular you wonder you he can even move. Beyond those not-insignificant problems, the world is given a great design. Tir Na Nog and Lord Cernunnos are meticulously detailed and very unique. Plus, you have Romulo Fajardo Jr. on the colors, and he's great.

Brave and the Bold: Batman/Wonder Woman #1 had a lot of potential. There is a lot of good you can do with a team-up between Diana and Bruce Wayne. However, this comic wastes so much time uniting them, weighed down by an over-explained plot and just baffling details in between. Fantastic art by Sharpe and Fajardo Jr. can't save it either. Give this one a pass.

Why would he say "Jaysus?"

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