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Willem Dafoe Thinks Robert Pattinson Has an Important 'Batman' Quality

"The Batman": Remaining Roles for Matt Reeves' Film Revealed

All the pieces came together on Matt Reeves' The Batman with filming underway. Warner Bros revealed what roles every principal actor plays. Let's start what was already known. "Batman" – The Latest Generation Robert Pattinson is the newest Caped Crusader as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Zoë Kravitz plays the villain and occasional antihero Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Paul Dano […]

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How Bruce Wayne is Rebuilding Gotham in Batman #87 and Batman/Superman #5

Batman #87 continues the series obsession with the architecture of Gotham and Bruce Wayne's surprising rebuilding of the city between issues. Including the Gotham City Police Department's new containment facility which is, apparently, more secure than that of the Justice League's Halls Of Justice. …to everyone but Batman of course. He and Lucius Fox literally […]


"Crisis" Management: Kevin Conroy on Playing a Broken Bruce Wayne [VIDEO]

We've officially reached the end of the year, folks – which means The CW's "Arrowverse" shows are taking a brief winter's nap. Arrow is shuffling off the network's programming coil after an abbreviated 10-episode eighth season (making The Flash the "elder states-show" of the "Arrowverse"), Ruby Rose-starrer Batwoman joined the family alongside Supergirl and expanded […]


"Crisis" Management: The CW Releases Extended Trailer for Arrowverse Crossover Event

We've officially reached December, folks – which means The CW's "Arrowverse" shows are in full swing at this point. Arrow is shuffling off the network's programming coil after an abbreviated 10-episode eighth season (making The Flash the "elder states-show" of the "Arrowverse"), Ruby Rose-starrer Batwoman joined the family alongside Supergirl and expanded the Batman mythos […]

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"Harley Quinn" Introduces Viewers to Batman, Joker, and… Yup, Kite Man [VIDEO]

So far, we've liked what we've seen from DC Universe's adult-oriented animated series Harley Quinn. The streaming service had teased fans with details about the series as far back as 2018's New York Comic Con (NYCC), and now? Let's just say that the Kaley Cuoco-starrer (with The Big Bang Theory alum also executive producing, alongside Justin […]


"Titans": DC Universe, Warner Bros. TV Greenlight Season 3; Set for Fall 2020

DC Universe's Titans dropped tons of teases and casting announcements… and more casting announcements… and even more casting announcements… for the second season for several months, leading up to September's season opener "Trigon." Since then, the series has seen twists and turns coming from every direction – with true "big bad" Slade Wilson (Esai Morales) […]

"Pennyworth" Drops New Trailer and Snazzy Poster

"Pennyworth": EPIX Serves Up Second Season Order for Batman Prequel Series

Looks like viewers are going to have another season to learn everything they didn't know about Batman's trusted aide and the Wayne Family protector. EPIX has given a green light for a second season of Pennyworth, with filming on the 10 episodes set at the UK's Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden in the UK beginning January […]

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"The Batman": Paul Dano Eyed for The Riddler

Paul Dano is in negotiations with Warner Bros for Matt Reeves' The Batman with Robert Pattinson in the title role. Variety reports the role as the Riddler, but the studio won't confirm. The Dano casting news comes on the heels of Jonah Hill pulling out of the project. Variety speculates Dano may have been Hill's […]

"Batman": Why is Thomas Wayne a Meanie Now?

"Batman": Why is Thomas Wayne A Meanie Now?

Batman's dad Thomas Wayne is a bad guy now. He didn't used to be. He was the kind doctor and philanthopist who taught his son to be charitable and benevolent. Suddenly, he's a villain in nearly every new story. What's going on? Thomas Wayne was the benevolent, beloved father of Bruce Wayne. He was a […]


"Titans" Season 2: Check Out Teagan Croft's Behind-the-Scenes Raven Transformation [VIDEO]

DC Universe dropped teases and casting announcements (…and casting announcements… and casting announcements…) for the second season of Titans for several months, and that built-up anticipation finally paid off on September 6 with the release of season opener "Trigon." Now with three episodes down (and "Aqualad" set to drop this Friday) and one helluva' Raven-related […]


"Titans" Season 2: Conor Leslie Has a Little Fun as "Deathstroke Girl" [IMAGE]

DC Universe has been dropping teases and casting announcements (…and casting announcements… and casting announcements) for the second season of Titans for the past several months, and now that built up anticipation is finally paying off with the release of season opener "Trigon." Without doing any deep-dives into the spoiler pond, let's just say that […]

Batman Hasn't Retired yet in the New Mezco One:12 Figure

Batman Hasn't Retired yet in the New Mezco One:12 Figure

Batman: Supreme Knight deals with an older Bruce Wayne and a Batman on his final years of fighting crime in Gotham City. While I could go into more about Batman and the 80 years, this figure is too badass and we need to get right into it! This figure is a Batman fans dream, it […]

The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for The Walking Dead #192

WARNING – MAJOR SPOILER From Tomorrow's Batman #77 Posted On Social Media

There's a common method of illusion to control the position of the observer. Something seen from one angle may be very different when seen from another. It's used in murder mysteries a lot as well, the accidental observer being something set up in advance, seeing the situation in a very particular and intended way that […]

"Titans" Season 2: Curran Walters Teases Batman/Robin Reunion – or Flashback?

Coming off an understandably muted presence at this year's San Deigo Comic-Con (SDCC), DC Universe's live-action Titans series still found a way to excite their fans with an official premiere date (September 6) as well as a look at some season 2 footage that had eyeballs bursting. You would think that would be enough to tide […]


REPORT: "Titans" Season 2 Adds "Pretty Little Liars" Drew Van Acker as Aqualad

While fans of DC Universe's live-action Titans series might still be in the dark about what to expect from the show's second season (or when exactly the show will premiere, for that matter), they're not going to be lacking in familar faces to follow. Confirming the actor's social media tease from May of this year, TV […]


"Batwoman": Kate Kane is ALL About Encouraging Them [PREVIEW]

Now that Greg Berlanti-produced, Ruby Rose-starrer Batwoman is officially set to join the CW's DCU line-up of The Flash, Supergirl, Black Lightning, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow (with Arrow ending its run in 2019-2020 with an abbreviated eighth season) and teaming up with Supergirl on Sunday nights, fans having been waiting feverishly for the series to arrive. While we still have a summer to make […]