Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes – Indestructible Hulk To Secret Society

Action_Comics_Vol_2-23.4_Cover-1_TeaserA few changes to published and soon-to-be-published comics.

Indestructible Hulk #15 will now bedrawn by Aaron Kim Jacinto and Mahmud Asrar rather than Mukesh Singh.

Tan Eng Huat is now the artist for X-Men Legacy #19 and #20.

Steve Pugh replaced Will Conrad on the art of Metallo #1.

Jen Van Meter was added as a co-writer on Avengers Assemble #19.

 Szymon Kudranski replaced Maniel Garcia and Rob Hunter on art for Secret Society #1

Also, it appears as if the Fantastic Four and FF trade paperbacks will be extending to cover the final issues of the Matt Fraction arcs. Originally the new collection of each ran from issues 9 to 13, now both run to issue 16…




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