Secret Society

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes – Indestructible Hulk To Secret Society

A few changes to published and soon-to-be-published comics. Indestructible Hulk #15 will now bedrawn by Aaron Kim Jacinto and Mahmud Asrar rather than Mukesh Singh. Tan Eng Huat is now the artist for X-Men Legacy #19 and #20. Steve Pugh replaced Will Conrad on the art of Metallo #1. Jen Van Meter was added as […]

Twenty-Three Thoughts About Twenty-Three Comics – Todd The Ugliest Kid, Avengers, Bane, Avengers Assemble, Infinity Heist, Fatale, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Man-Bat, First Born, Sex Criminals, Ocean Master, Secret Society, East Of West, Miss Fury, Metallo, Parasite, Young Avengers, Rat Queens, Saga and Jupiter's Children, Revival And Artifacts

So what have you been reading this week? Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth begins its new successful nature as an ongoing Image series by burning whatever bridges the creators want… Well, the crossover Avengers #20 is part of is called Infinity. I suppose there was going to have to be some mathematics in it […]