Cinder's Ball: Studio Tapas Adapts C.J. Young's Hit Novel to Webcomic

Studio Tapas is the proud digital publishing platform for multiple novels and webcomics from celebrated creator C.J. Young. Cinder's Ball, Young's second novel-to-webcomic launches this week exclusively on Tapas, following the success of the hit Studio Tapas Original The Dragon Prince's Bride, whose  Novel version has 2.2M views and 39,000 subscribers, and its Webcomic adaptation has 2.2M views and 69.2 thousand subscribers to date.

Cinder's Ball: Studio Tapas Adapts C.J. Young's Hit Novel to Webcomic
"Cinder's Ball" key art, Studio Tapas

Cinder's Ball Synopsis:

"After Isabell's father passed away when she was just twelve years old, her cruel and jealous step-mother reduced her to a life of servitude. Doomed to forever live in her step-sisters' shadow, Isabell never expected a distant relative to show up at her doorstep, promising her a chance at a better life with a noble title. The only catch? She has to attend the king's ball and meet prince Tristan, who just so happens to be in need of a bride before reaching his twenty-first birthday. The only problem? She has no intention of becoming a princess, and Tristan has no interest in love. A masked ball. Two hundred thirty-six ladies. Four men all posing as the prince. A servant boy with a regal sense of charm. One woman caught between it all. Can Isabell win the freedom she's always longed for, or will she find a way to win the prince's heart?"

 C.J. Young issued a quick statement to fans and readers: "Hi there! My name is C.J. Young. I'm a writer of young adult romance/fantasy stories and a bit of a (hopeless) romantic myself. I enjoy creating something from nothing and getting lost in my own imagination, and my books give readers a glimpse into that world. I also love fluffy animals like alpacas and sheep!"

Written by C.J. Young 

Art by Kisai

Based on the Novel by C.J. Young

Link to Novel: "Cinder's Ball"

Link to webcomic series: Cinder's Ball

Cinder's Ball: the webcomic updates every Monday.

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