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Sound of Bread: New Studio Tapas Romance Comedy Debuts
Sound of Bread is the newest Studio Tapas digital comic series that's part of their massive and ever-popular romance collection! Launched today, Sound of Bread is Kimmie's story – a synesthete who can hear tastes as music – an acclaimed young cellist determined to become a renowned conductor Kale is an unkempt, rude apprentice at a no-name bakery in Paris[...]
"Cinder's Ball" key art, Studio Tapas
Studio Tapas is the proud digital publishing platform for multiple novels and webcomics from celebrated creator C.J Young Cinder's Ball, Young's second novel-to-webcomic launches this week exclusively on Tapas, following the success of the hit Studio Tapas Original The Dragon Prince's Bride, whose  Novel version has 2.2M views and 39,000 subscribers, and its Webcomic adaptation has 2.2M views and 69.2[...]
Rest Area 51: Steven Universe Artist, TMNT Writer Launch Tapas Comic
Tapas Media has a new Studio Tapas original series, Rest Area 51, with a galactic arrival set for Wednesday, February 24 Rest Area 51 is the first collaboration of two of the comics communities' most respected creators, Coleman Engle – one of the lead artists for the acclaimed Kaboom! series, Steven Universe, and Caleb Goellner[...]
Magical Boy: Scholastic to bring Tapas Comic Series to Print
Magical Boy, the Studio Tapas Original webcomic created by illustrator and comic artist The Kao, will be published in a young adult graphic novel format by Scholastic The worldwide deal grants Scholastic the rights to produce a wide range of all language formats, including novels, eBooks, and audiobooks Set to publish in fall 2021, the graphic novel will[...]
Studio Tapas: Tapas Media launches Original Content Division
Tapas Media, the leading US-based digital comics publisher with more than six billion views, has launched Studio Tapas, a new division dedicated to producing and publishing original webcomics and novels Studio Tapas has access to a catalog of more than 70 Originals owned by Tapas Media Studio Tapas has an additional 30 originals in production for[...]