Comic Folk React To What The Hell Is Going On In America Right Now

People protesting the democratic electoral college count in the United States Of America today, have stormed the Capitol building in Washington, invaded the Senate floor, hoisted a Confederate flag and a woman has been shot. Alongside everyone else, comic creators and retailers took to social media to try and come to terms with whatever the hell was going on. Here are a few from the last hour – including from Tom King who passed by the protest and took some video, linked below.

Stephanie Hans: What the hell is happening in the capitole right now? America?

Tommy Lee Edwards: It's just LOCKER ROOM TREASON. #AmericaOrTrump

Kevin Maguire: Never forget this…. He still has another two weeks to do as much damage as possible.

Tom King: "From about an hour back. Eerie noise."

Comic Folk React To What The Hell Is Going On In America Right Now
Credit: Tom King, Twitter screencap, America

Tom King: From about a half hour back, east side of the Capitol. As the police let people go up the stairs to the House entrance of the Capitol. These stairs are always closed and guarded. The Senate side remained closed.

Tom King: You guys are the best. Roxy and I are now home with the family. We live a few blocks from the Capitol. It's fairly quiet here. Mostly just people with flags walking to their cars. I can't believe what's happening.

Cully Hamner: I'm still remembering being told people like me were overreacting when Trump won in 2016.

Jen Bartel: I honestly don't have it in me to make a snide comment about the double standard on display here—just, please if you are in DC stay inside and stay safe.

Shawn Martinbrough: Didn't the police unions endorse this "Law & Order" prez?

Chelsea Cain: This is a coup attempt.

Patrick O'Keefe: Go home America, You're drunk and supposed to be in quarantine.

Elizabeth Brei: Boy howdy, trying to make children's comic books while our democracy crumbles before our very eyes sure is something.

Peter David: Trump should be arrested. That's all there is to it. He stood in front of a dangerous mob and urged them to "show strength," whereupon they stormed the Capitol building. He is directly responsible. Any lives lost are on his head.
A warrant should be issued and he should be dragged out of the Oval Office and to jail

Dennis Barger: Btw I denounce this as much as I denounced antifa at the inaugural 4 years ago and most of the last 4 years, I denounce anyone who chooses to use a peaceful protest to allow for cover for rioting and I denounce everyone bitching today that hasn't said a peep when their side did it before.

Kami Garcia: Where is the tear gas and rubber bullets that were used on the BLM protestors who were simply marching on public streets?

Matthew Rosenberg: There is a coup happening right now. @chuckschumer, @SpeakerPelosi, @JoeBiden, @KamalaHarris, do the jobs you were elected to do and defend democracy with every weapon at your disposal.

And as the Confederate flug was raised in the Senate

Mitch Gerads:  Whatever branch of military or law enforcement needs to be deployed to get that f-cking flag out of that building, DO IT IMMEDIATELY.

Ben McCool: It doesn't get any more un-American than this.

Jen Bartel: Reports that a woman has been shot inside the Capitol. Sundown is estimated to be in about 90 minutes in DC, there is a curfew in place starting at 6PM—if you are out right now, go home, please stay safe.

Tess Fowler: The Light lives. The Light thrives. Its gonna be ok.

Jeremy Blum: Mind blown right now because everything going on in D.C. is eerily reminiscent of what happened in Hong Kong last year – except those were kids fighting for democratic processes while these are Trumpsters trying to overturn democratic processes. America is a sham.

James Gunn: So the Virginian National Guard are there now (thanks, guys). As I understand it, because DC isn't a State, Trump has to okay the deployment of the National Guard there. Which he refused to do. So Pelosi had the Virginian National Guard come in. I'll restate that: People broke into the Capitol building, destroyed property, one woman has been shot in the neck, our elected officials are in hiding with gas masks on, and THE SITTING PRESIDENT REFUSED TO ALLOW THE NATIONAL GUARD TO PROTECT ANYONE. Meanwhile, Republicans have been bitching for four years about football players taking a knee, how itchy masks make their faces, and how offensive it is that someone wants to be called "they."

Erik Larsen: Law and order party, my ass.

More, much more, to come from America through the day…

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