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Comic Creators React To - Whatever The Hell Is Going On I
People protesting the democratic electoral college count in the United States Of America today, have stormed the Capitol building in Washington, invaded the Senate floor, hoisted a Confederate flag and a woman has been shot Alongside everyone else, comic creators and retailers took to social media to try and come to terms with whatever the[...]
EA Sports Will Remove Washington's Name & Logo From Madden NFL 21
EA Sports let fans know this week that when Madden NFL 21 is released, there will be a Day 1 patch that removes Washington's branding If you haven't been watching sports news the past couple weeks, and we can't blame you if you haven't since there's hardly anything going on right now, you may have[...]
50 States Of Fright
The first season is said to include Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Oregon, Washington, and Kansas. The cast includes: Rachel Brosnahan, Travis Fimmel, Christina Ricci, Jacob Batalon, Ming-Na Wen, Taissa Farmiga, Asa Butterfield, John Marshall Jones, Ron Livingston, Victoria Justice, Karen Allen, Colin Ford, Alex Fitzalan, James Ransone, Emily Hampshire, Elizabeth Reaser, Rory Culkin, Warren[...]
Washington State Passes Law To Protect Net Neutrality
The state of Washington has passed new legislation today to become the first state in the U.S to protect Net Neutrality After the FCC removed the guidelines, state officials took the first step forward in protecting their residents, which upholds the Net Neutrality laws and guidelines that were previously standard You can read the entire[...]
iZombie Season 4: A Look Back at Season 1 (The Weekly Static: Extras!)
Originally published by DC Comics' Vertigo imprint in 2010, CW's adaptation of Chris Roberson and Michael Allred's iZombie premiered on March 17th, 2015; and when I first watched it, I thought it reminded me of a cross between Monk and Law and Order, with an adorable easy-on-the-eyes goth lead thrown into the mix.
ReedPOP, Syfy Wire to Live-Stream NYCC, ECCC and C2E2 in New Deal
Some coverage will also be featured on Syfy's television channel. "We're thrilled to provide [Syfy Wire fans] a front-row seat to so much exclusive content from ReedPOP's cons, regardless of whether they can attend in person." – Matthew Chiavelli, Senior VP of Digital, Syfy Emerald City Comic Con is first up on the calendar, running from March 1-4 at Seattle's Washington[...]
Phoenix Jones Is Recruiting – But Clark Kent Or Peter Parker Need Not Apply
And gets shot, stabbed and arrested in the process. And now he wants to know if you'd like to do the same. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeCjm6d8M5A[/youtube] WANT TO BE A PART OF THE RAIN CITY SUPERHERO MOVEMENT !!!  HERE IS HOW requirements: YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE steady form of income a form or Washington state issued id an out of state[...]
Fox News Slams DC Comics Over Sex And Violence
"Graphic violence and sex, that's what you'll find in the pages of DC Comics today." That's how the Fox 5 News in Washington DC report began, taking on Catwoman, Red Hood and Detective Comics But see if you can find the disconnect here. "Today's superheroes would make Archie and Veronica blush" – Sherry Ly, Fox reporter. "They more[...]
Star Wars Sketch Cards From Calamity Jon
Calamity Jon is a Washington-based cartoonist and comic artist, working on, amongst other things, sketch cards for Topps Star Wars Galaxy 6 trading card line Here are the original art cards he has for sale… they are rather fine. Calamity Jon is a Washington-based cartoonist and[...]
Comic Book Ink, Washington, In Danger Of Closing
John Munn of Comic Book Ink in Lakewood, Washington needs your help He writes; I knew before I wrote this, that this would be the most difficult message I would ever have to write…and I have been putting off writing it for sometime.  But the Memorial Day Sale did not make the immediate debt relief that[...]
The Deadpool Of Wenatachee, Washington
Some Real Life Super Heroes spend a lot of time constructing their superherois identity, making it as distinct as possible with a name and attitude that suits their own specific view of life. And others… well, just take an existing trademark. Like Deadpool of Wenatchee, Washington Putting up flyers around the town (above) explaining what he's about[...]