Catwoman's Answer To Batman's Proposal In Batman #32, Revealed [MAJOR SPOILERS]

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So Batman and Catwoman have a tendency to get it on a lot. From the comics…

…to the TV…

…to the games…


…the statues…


…across the eras.



…and creators…


I mean, they seem to spend most of their nights having sex on a rooftop somewhere.


And current Batman comics have kept this trope alive.


Which must play havoc with the knees. But what about getting down on one of them and popping the question?

There was Alfred's own fanfic in Brave And The Bold. But a parallel version of him was on hand to watch their marriage in Superman Family in 1981, over in Earth-2.


Their child becomes the original Huntress of Earth-2.


The Golden Age Batman and Catwoman had gotten together in an earlier Brave And The Bold…


A story which has been followed up…


And followed up…tumblr_inline_nyhotb0qoi1t6zy88_500

And followed up..tumblr_inline_nyhors5yq61t6zy88_500Selina also managed to get Bruce in the Dark Knight Rises.


And of course, it even happens in real life.


Of course, DC Comics had been against their superheroes getting married of late.


Until DC Reborn established Superman and Lois Lane as a married couple and had Aquaman ask for Mera hand in marriage.


And then in Batman #24 by Tom King and David Finch – in an issue that saw Tom King fire his own editor on the book, Mark Doyle, replaced by Jamie Rich to keep Finch on the all-important scene, Batman got down on one knee and popped the question. And Bruce Wayne asked Selina Kyle to make him an honest Batman.


But before it could be answered, they had to have sex. And Batman had to tell Catwoman a long convoluted story about an aspect of his life, a decision he made long ago which may inform her answer. And so we got the interminable War Of Jokes & Riddles to stretch Catwoman's answer out for months.

Catwoman's Answer To Batman's Proposal In Batman #32, Revealed [MAJOR SPOILERS]

Well, we're going to put you out of your misery. From Batman #34, out on Wednesday, when everyone else will be fussing about Nw York Comic Con…

Okay, one last spoiler warning symbol, then you are on your own.

secret empire

After whatever it was that Batman did in the War Of Jokes & Riddles (and you will have to buy Batman #32 by Tom King and Mikel Janin to find out) he asked her again. And gets a reply.


Catwoman's Answer To Batman's Proposal In Batman #32, Revealed [MAJOR SPOILERS]

Woo hoo!

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