Comic Store In Your Future – Another 25 Hot Comics To Trawl Through Your Longboxes For

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Welcome back to our latest top 25 hot comics.

Omega Men #3 makes a return to the top 25 hot comics with the announcement that Lobo is due to appear more than just on the Krypton show in a spin-off.  I am shocked.

Another shocker for me is Hellstorm's first appearance is in demand. Ghost Rider #1 from 1973 is a first issue and Hellstorm's first appearance.

As always prices on comics may change, and can change quickly. Some hold their current value while others drop in price or skyrocket upwards.

Oblivion Song #1 from Image was going for $10 though quickly cooled off. I was hoping it would stay hot for at least $10 because I have a few copies still on hand. I even had it on this list originally though when I finished it up Oblivion Song was no longer hitting $10.

This list is meant to help those who may have these comics in their collections and not even know they are worth a pretty penny or may want to purchase them before they have a chance to further increase in value.

Incredible Hulk #168 is the first time Betty Ross was the Harpy, currently Ross as the Harpy has returned in the very popular Immortal Hulk series.

Without further delay here is the list.

Amazing Spider-Man #101 1971 $900 1st Morbius. With his movie due out this could easily go upwards.
Avengers #112 1973 $150 1st Mantis
Batman #655 2006 $32 1st Damian cameo on last two pages.
Black Panther #2 2005 $36 1st Shuri
Detective Comics #471 1977 $25 1st modern appearance of Hugo Strange
Ghost Rider #1 1973 $276 1st Hellstorm
Incredible Hulk #168 1973 $20 1st Betty Ross as the Harpy
Iron Man #54 1973 $200 1st Moondragon
Jungle Action #6 1973 $83 1st Killmonger
Marvel Superheroes #18 1969 $730 1st appearance of the original Guardians of the Galaxy
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #9 Boom Studios 2016 $14.95 First Lord Drakkon.
New Mutants #26 1985 $24.76 1st full appearance of Professor X's son Legion.
New Teen Titans #2 1980 $125 1st Deathstroke the Terminator.
Omega Men #1983 $100 1st Lobo. It has now been announced that his appearance on the Krypton TV show will lead into his own series.
Rai #0 1992 Valiant $27 1st full Bloodshot. With a Bloodshot movie due out $27.00 might be a steal.
Silver Surfer #3 1968 $860 1st Mephisto
Spider-Gwen #24 2017 $20 Gwenom Venom!
Star Wars #42 Marvel 1980 1st $50 Boba Fett on cover
Tales of Suspense #52 1964 $2900 1st Black Widow  Yes, over two grand. If Marvel Studios does indeed make a solo Black Widow movie that very well may look cheap.
Thor #165 1969 $900 1st Him, who becomes Adam Warlock.
Venom Sinner Takes all #3 1993 $50 1st She-Venom appearance
Warrior Nun Areala Ashcan #1 $30 Coming to Netflix.
Wonder Woman #7 1987 $25 1st modern Barbara Ann Minerva who becomes Cheetah
Wonder Woman #9 1987 $25 1st modern origin of Cheetah
Zatanna #15 2011 $40 Adam Hughes cover

Hopefully you have some of these in your collection or are able to hunt down copies! Good luck!

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