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Comic Store In Your Future: Hot 25 Comics by Rodman Comics

Hot comics are still heavy in demand. New comic movies mean new interest in comic characters that they are based on. The comic back-issue market is ever-changing. As the owner of Rodman Comics, I research back issues to try to keep up with what is in demand. This column is me sharing what I have learned. This is my perspective, while others may differ.

The comic back-issue market is, at times, chaotic. Today's hot comic may be a cold and forgotten one by tomorrow, or a comic that has been sitting in a dollar bin unwanted for a long time may suddenly become in demand. We once had Deadpool's first appearance in New Mutants #98 from 1991, when we first opened over a decade ago for less than thirty dollars, and it took a while to sell. Currently, odds are we could easily get over four hundred dollars for it. If and when Deadpool's third movie makes it to theaters, odds are the issue will increase in price. I have many stories of comics that we have sold over the years that have increased a lot over time. I also have plenty of stories of comics that sold for a nice amount collapsing price-wise over the years.

The prices listed on this list are for raw, ungraded comics in near-mint shape. I try to keep away from variant covers when writing these. There are so many variants offered by publishers it is like playing Russian roulette with prices. Prices may change quickly. Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. One person's junk is another person's treasure. If I knew for sure which comics would go up in value, I would be a millionaire.

Now for the latest 25 Hot Comics article!

  1. Action Comics #340 From 1966. First appearance of the first Parasite. $800
  2. Advances Dungeons & Dragons #1 From 1988 $50
  3. Amazing Spider-Man #10 From 2015 First appearance of Spider-Punk. $40
  4. Avengers #267 From 1986 First appearance of Council of Kangs. $35
  5. Batman #666 From 2007 First appearance of Professor Pyg $25
  6. Batman Harley Quinn #1 From 1999. First Harley Quinn in the DCU. $140
  7. Captain America #6 From 2005 First full Winter Soldier. $75
  8. DC Comics Presents #49 From 1982 Captain Marvel (Shazam) and Superman vs. Black Adam. $45
  9. Fantastic Four #94 From 1970 First Agatha Harkness. $150
  10. Fantastic Four #211 From 1979 First Terrax .$70
  11. Green Lantern #59 From 1968 First Guy Gardner. $175
  12. Invincible Iron Man #7 From 2016 First appearance of Riri Williams. $80
  13. Journey Into Mystery Annual #1 From 1965 First appearance of Hercules and Zeus. $1100
  14. Metal Men #1 From 1963 Metal Men in their own ongoing title. $350
  15. NYX #3 from 2004 First appearance of X-23. $620
  16. Sandman #1 From 1989 Neil Gaiman's Sandman begins. $100
  17. Sandman #8 from 1989 Death's first appearance. $115
  18. Star Wars Clone Wars #1 From 2008 First Ahsoka Tano in comics. $725
  19. Secret Wars #2 From 2015 First appearance of God Doom. $35
  20. Star Wars Darth Vader #14 From 2018 First Ahsoka Tano in Marvel Comics. $25
  21. Star Wars Darth Maul #2 From 2017 First appearance of Cad Bane. $50
  22. Thunderbolts #1 From 1997 Revealed who the Thunderbolts are. $35
  23. Venom Lethal Protector #1 From 1993. Foil cover and first solo Venom comic. $35
  24. Walking Dead #3 from 2003 First appearance of Dale and Carol. $150
  25. X-Men #130 From 1980 First appearance of Dazzler. $250
Comic Store In Your Future: Hot 25 Comics by Rodman Comics
Which comics will go up in value in the future? Time will tell. Photo by Rod Lamberti.

Now get hunting for these comics at your local comic store or through your own collection. Good luck!

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