ComiXology Signs 4-Book Deal With Stout Club for ComiXology Originals

ComiXology has announced a new four-book deal with Stout Club Entertainment, the creative studio consisting of Rafael Albuquerque, Eduardo Medeiros, Mateus Santolouco, and Rafael Scavone, to produce comics for the company's ComiXology Originals program. The group is like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of comic book creating, except better, because they have two Rafaels. Also, they are not teenagers, turtles, mutants, or ninjas. So we guess not that similar after all. The news comes ahead of Brazil's Comic Con Experience, where Stout Club will be hosting a panel.

In a press release, Albuquerque said of the deail:

We are excited to work with the folks at comiXology and to showcase not just one, but four new creative projects in the months ahead.

While ComiXology's Chip Mosher added:

We are continually looking to expand and diversify our content with comiXology Originals and we couldn't be happier working with the amazingly talented Stout Club Entertainment to bring their stories to a world-wide audience. Stay tuned for more details and announcements in 2020.

If you're an Amazon Prime member or subscriber to ComiXology Unlimited or Kindle Unlimited, you can read all four books for free. Otherwise, you can purchase them on the ComiXology app. More details are set to come on just what we can expect from the four comics.

ComiXology Signs 4-Book Deal With Stout Club for ComiXology Originals

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