Dan Herman Talks About DC Comics… Before Superman

Hermes Press has just released their new historical/archival publication, DC Comics Before Superman: Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson's Pulp Comics.

Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson created National Allied Publications in 1934, which would then go on to become merge with his other publisher Detective Comics to become National Comics Publications, and decades later would rename itself DC Comics.

In this volume looking at his early comics publisher work before a certain Superman came along and changed everything, Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson (the Major's granddaughter and noted comics historian) contributes a historical essay that provides an in-depth look at the formation of National Allied Publications and the man behind New FunNew Comics, and other memorable original comics that predated DC Comics' inception.  Other contributions include an intro by Jim Steranko (Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and an afterword by David Armstrong.

Titles included are Barry O'Neill and Fang Gow (script- Wheeler-Nicholson; art- Leo O'Mealia), Blood Pearls(script- Wheeler-Nicholson; art- Munson Paddock), Foe of the Borgias (script Wheeler-Nicholson; art- Sven Elven), The Golden Dragon (script Wheeler-Nicholson; art- Tom Hickey) and more, reproduced as accurately as possible as to how they would have initially appeared.

And you can hear Dan Herman of Hermes Press talk about it here.

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