Dark Horse to Turn Portland Soccer Players into Superheroes for National Superhero Day

Move over, Guardian Project! There's a new line of superheroes based on sports stars in town, coming out of a partnership between Dark Horse Comics and local soccer teams The Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns FC. A press release from Dark Horse tells us who will be transformed into a superhero:

Timbers midfielders Diego Chara and Diego Valeri and Thorns FC midfielder Tobin Heath and forward Christine Sinclair will each be transformed into superheroes and have alter-egos created by local cartoonist Ron Chan. The collaboration will be launched on Saturday, April 28, on National Superhero Day.

As part of the project, comic book writer Arvid Nelson also created unique origin stories for each player, detailing the genesis of their individual "super-powers." Valeri's superhero will be 'El Maestro' giving him the power of clairvoyance and magic. Chara's superhero will be 'La Sonrisa' and he will have the power of duplication and super speed. Heath's superhero will be named simply 'Tobin' and her powers will include illusions and energy manipulation. Sinclair's superhero will be 'Captain Sinc' and she will have powers of super strength and flight.

As part of the promotion, each superhero team member will have a t-shirt, scarf, and socks for sale at the respective teams' stores. If you were saying to yourself, "that's all well and good, but what do executives from these organizations have to say about each other in complimentary press release quotes?" then you're in luck. We've got some of those too.

"We are elated to partner with an industry leader like Dark Horse on this collaboration," said Cory Dolich, Timbers senior vice president of business operations and marketing. "They are a dynamic, local company, and working with their team to highlight our brand and players in such a unique way is exciting to see."


"We've had a great time working with the Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns FC to create these 'super' origin stories for some of the best players in the world," said Mike Richardson, Dark Horse president and founder. "We're excited to combine the creative talent of our staff and talented creators here at Dark Horse with the well-known athletic prowess of the Timbers and Thorns players."

Check out some preview art below.

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