DC Comics Creators Are Filling In Their DC Surveys. As Are Some Marvel Exclusive Creators.

At 7.30am ET, ping, a survey from DC Comics landed in many creators inboxes. We've been following the lead in to this for a few days now, basically DC Comics officially asking "what's up?" and what could be better.

The survey includes topics such as creators rights, and how DC compares as a company to work for with other publishers.

Which is handy because it's not just DC Comics creators who have received it. The survey may have been using some older data, so a number of folk who are Marvel exclusive creators also got the survey, as did some in non-creative roles at other companies.

Also, some current or very recent DC creators did not receive the survey.


As a result, the survey is the biggest discussion point between creators at ECCC right now. Some, despite Dan and Jim's letter, don't believe that what they say will be kept confidential. Others think the questions don't address the issues they have. Still others just don't want to fill in 60 questions.

However, expect quite a few folk to be filling in the survey on their laptops, tablets and phones in the Seattle hotel bars tonight. Which, using the local wi-fi, should also hide their IP addresses.

It could get messy, fast.

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