hannah berry

Hannah Berry Launches British Comic Creator Survey, With £50 Prizes

Before all this was going down, Berry was working on an anonymous survey to help get a better picture of everyone making comics in the UK right now It has just gone live, is open to anyone involved with the creation of comics in any capacity, aged over 16 As she says, "over the last[...]

DC Officially Rebrands, Dropping Vertigo

DC Comics Sends Out a New Survey to Comics Retailers

Two weeks ago, Bleeding Cool reported that Diamond Comic Distributors had been running a survey of comic book retailers, during the current global upheaval Yesterday, comic book store owners also received a communique from DC Comics asking similar questions - but with the answers going directly to DC This might indicate DC Comics' upcoming plans[...]

Bleeding Cool

Bleeding Cool is Working on a Redesign and We Want Your Input

It's almost 2019, and the Bleeding Cool technical team are hard at work at developing a new site design for the new year. Our current skin has been in place for two years and it's time that we come up with a new one that helps smooth out the mobile as well as laptop experience […]

DC Comics Survey "Describes Me Much More"

DC Comics, after surveying their talent have now extended their curiosity to their readers, asking a number of questions Even if the available responses are a little fixed... What about those of us who like it when villains always triumph? Or prefer characters that get by on their good looks? Or who have complex action with[...]

FOOL: That DC Comics Creator Survey In Full

Last week, Bleeding Cool ran details on the survey being sent out to DC Comics talent, sixty questions to fill in and return, anonymously, so DC can understand better the rel feelings of DC folk working for the publisher Thanks to the anonymous DC comic book creator who sent these questions in, despite the note[...]

DC Comics To Survey Its Freelancers About Their Concerns

Diane Nelson, President of DC Comics, has written a letter to every freelance creator at DC Comics, ahead of an upcoming survey to be taken from such employees.She begins by stating, DC Entertainment is committed to its talent We have the best, brightest and most creative partners in any entertainment industry, and we are deeply invested[...]

The DC Nielsen Surveys – The Other Side

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported on how comedian and comic fan Patton Oswalt had such a bad experience dealing with Nielsen NRG survey people trying to ask him about the DC Comics New 52 Relaunch at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, that he swore off buying DC Comics for all time Quite publicly.However, not everyone had[...]

Numbercrunching The Appeal Of The DC Relaunch

Over 10,000 people seem to have responded to the Comic Book Resources survey on the public appeal for the upcoming DC Relaunch, title by title.But statistician Matt Holmes decided to do a little analysis for Bleeding Cool, with different weightings Here's how he got his different results.# 1 – Each “Absolutely” gets 3 pts, each[...]

Marvel Asks Its Customers "Are You A Pirate?"

Marvel Digital Comics Universe subscribers have been asked to participate in a survey of their comic book buying habits Along the way, this confidential survey asks people if they are comics pirates, how they would like to read Marvel comics digitally and points to the way to a number of devices and means of reading[...]