Dr. Snyderlove Or: How DC Comics Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Metal

Remember the much-lauded cover to Dark Nights: Metal #1, the new series by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, that featured the Justice League standing in a fashion to indicate heavy metal "horns"? When it was launched, it caused much online conversation, some seeing it as cheesy but most embracing the over the top madness it might represent – but at DC Comics it was far more controversial.

It's not too far a stretch to say that DC Comics editorial hated the cover. They felt nauseated by it. Meeting after meeting, phone call after phone call were taken. To some, it seemed to make a mockery of everything they were, to others it was seen as just… stupid. But Snyder and Capullo got their way, they have become practiced in the Bruce Willis art of doing the equivalent of his asking the Sony executives "who's your second choice to play John McClane?" when making Die Hard 4.0. And other artists have been embracing it, such as Simon Bisley on the Midtown Comics variant.

And in the wake of the critical and sales response to Dark Days: The Casting and Dark Days: The Forge, and sales advances for Metal, it seems that there is suddenly a lot less intense concern, more trust and more embracing of the "anything goes" attitude the creators have been aiming for.

This new attitude was firmly on display at the DC Comics party this past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con; suddenly DC Comics is all-Metal-all-the-time. Take a look:


Dark Nights: Metal #1

(W) Scott Snyder (A) Greg Capullo, Danny Miki (CA) John Romita

The superstar BATMAN team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo reunite for a massive, universe-spanning event!

DARK DAYS: THE FORGE and THE CASTING hinted at dark corners of reality that have never been seen till now! Now, as DARK NIGHTS: METAL begins, the Dark Multiverse is revealed in all its devastating danger-and the threats it contains are coming for the DC Universe!

DARK NIGHTS: METAL is a DC event unlike any other-one that will push Batman, Superman and heroes of the Justice League beyond their limits to take on threats unlike any our world has ever seen! It will take the combined might of the World's Greatest Heroes as you've never seen them before to face what's coming their way!

In Shops: Aug 16, 2017



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