DC Omnibuses, Absolutes and Big Books For the End of 2019 – Lucifer, Adam Hughes, Injustice and More

There's a bunch of big books coming through from DC Comics towards the end of the year Absolutes, Omnibuses, Deluxes and the like… here are a few of them from the final quarter.

Absolute Art of Adam Hughes
$75 20 oz | 12 per carton On sale Nov 19, 2019 | 368 Pages | 978-1-4012-9491-5

The best covers by Adam Hughes, Eisner Award-winning illustrator, are collected in DC's slipcased Absolute Edition formate for the first time.
Collecting the best of Eisner Award winner Adam Hughes' spectacular, sexy covers for WONDER WOMAN, CATWOMAN and other DC series. This amazing collection features the best of Hughes' work for DC Comics, along with commentary from the artist, rarely seen preliminary material and much more! His lushly illustrated cover art has featured DC heroes including Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Zatanna, Power Girl and many others.

Batman & Robin by Tomasi & Gleason Omnibus
$125 20 oz | 12 per carton  On sale Dec 03, 2019 | 978-1-4012-9570-7

Damian Wayne, the secret child of Bruce Wayne (Batman) and his sworn enemy, Talia al Ghul, was trained from birth to kill and raised to rule the world. At the age of 10, Damian turned his back on his mother's megalomaniacal ambitions and joined his father's crusade against crime. Since then, the precocious new Robin has chafed under the unfamiliar restraints imposed by Batman's strict moral code–and struggled to accept the unique comforts of his strange new family.

He also faces deadly challenges at every turn–from the League of Assassins led by his immortal grandfather to the unstoppable insanity of The Joker, from the universe's most dangerous New God to his three suspicious predecessors, Damian must be prepared to battle them all. Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason's #1 New York Times bestseller Batman & Robin is now collected in it's entirety, as the critically acclaimed series is repackaged here in a hardcover omnibus edition. Collects Batman & Robin #20-22, Batman & Robin #0-40, Batman & Robin #23.1, Batman & Robin Annual #1, Robin Rises: Omega, Robin Rises: Alpha and stories from Secret Origins #4 & Detective Comics #27.

New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 4 by Marv Wolfman and George Perez
$99.99 20 oz | 12 per carton On sale Nov 26, 2019 | 800 Pages | 978-1-4012-8930-0

THE NEW TEEN TITANS, one of the top-selling comics of the 1980s, is collected in a new Omnibus hardcover.
In this fourth massive collection of the hit 1980s series from acclaimed writer Marv Wolfman, team member Lilith ascends to godhood and takes up residence on Olympus, home of the Greek gods of myth. Then, the team investigates a 50-year-old cold-case murder and crosses paths with the Omega Men. And as the Crisis on Infinite Earths begins, Starfire is called home to the planet Tamaran to be wed to a member of the military–but instead leads her people in an effort to overthrow the forces that control the planet.
Collects New Teen Titans #10-31, New Titans Annual #1-2 and a story from Omega Men #34.

Man and Superman: The Deluxe Edition
$19.99 20 oz On sale Nov 26, 2019 | 144 Pages | 978-1-4012-9893-7

Before he became Superman, Clark Kent was living in a cockroach-infested apartment trying to find a job as a reporter in the big city of Metropolis. If he can't get his life together as Clark Kent, how will he ever become Superman?
A triumphant tale of Clark Kent's fateful first days in Metropolis, which were far from easy. His early failures almost ensured there would never be a hero called Superman. Powerful writing and stunning art combine to conjure an inspiring story that needed to be published, one you will never forget, from a pair of master storytellers.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Omnibus Vol. 1
$99.99 US 20 oz | 12 per carton On sale Nov 19, 2019 | 1104 Pages | 978-1-4012-9498-4

Inspired by the hit video game phenomenon, Injustice Gods Among Us Omnibus Vol. 1 collects the first three years of the best-selling series in a brand-new special omnibus edition for the first time!
Superman is Earth's greatest hero. But when the Man of Steel can't protect the thing he holds most dear, he decides to stop trying to save the world-and start ruling it. Things in the DC Universe have changed after Superman is tricked into destroying the one thing he loves the most. Now unwilling to let crime go unpunished, the heroes of our world must choose if they are with Superman or against him. But not every country will submit to his new world order and neither will Superman's greatest threat-Batman! And the Dark Knight will use any method at his disposal to stop his former friend from reshaping the world in his shattered image. Injustice Gods Among Us Omnibus Vol. 1 collects the earth-shattering first three years of the massively popular series written by fan favorite author Tom Taylor (Injustice, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man) and with art by rising stars Mike S. Miller and Bruno Redondo! Collects Injustice: Gods Among Us #1-12 + Annual #1, Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two #1-12 + Annual #1 and Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three #1-12 + Annual #1

Wonder Woman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 4
$125 20 oz | 12 per carton On sale Nov 12, 2019 | 816 Pages | 978-1-4012-9479-3

One of comics' truly iconic characters, Princess Diana of Themyscira–known to most as Wonder Woman–is the world's most popular heroine. Armed with her super-strength, magic lasso, bullet-defying bracelets and invisible plane, she has fought evildoers for over 75 years!
Wonder Woman: The Golden Age Vol. 4 chronicles the Amazing Amazon's adventures, as written by Joye Murchison and others, and illustrated by the inimitable Harry G. Peter, originally published in Sensation Comics #70-91, Comic Cavalcade #23-29 and Wonder Woman #26-36. In these tales, Wonder Woman and the Holliday Girls accidentally land on the planet Mercury, where they are taken prioner by a race of giantesses; Professor Chemico plans to melt the polar ice caps, threatening the existence of the snow people who live there; Wonder Woman is shrunk to microscopic size; and much more!

Lucifer Omnibus Vol. 1 by Mike Carey and Peter Gross
$99.99 US 20 oz | 12 per carton On sale Nov 05, 2019 | 1148 Pages | 978-1-4012-9476-2

From the pages of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman comes Mike Carey's epic run with the devil himself collected together in a series of hardcover omnibuses for the first time ever!
Cast out of Heaven, thrown down to rule in Hell, Lucifer Morningstar has resigned his post and abandoned his kingdom for the mortal city of Los Angeles. Emerging from the pages of writer Neil Gaiman's award-winning series The Sandman, the former Lord of Hell is now enjoying a quiet retirement as the propretor of Lux, L.A.'s most elite piano bar. But now an assignment from the Creator Himself is going to change all that. If Lucifer agrees to do Heaven's dirty work, he can name his own price–but both the task and reward are more than they seem. Thrown into a position of great threat and ultimate opportunity, Lucifer knows that threading a path through this maze will require the harshest of sacrifices. Collects Sandman Presents: Lucifer #1-3, Lucifer issues #1-35 and Lucifer: Nirvana #1.

The Flash of Two Worlds Deluxe Edition by Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino
$39.99 US 20 oz | 12 per carton
On sale Oct 22, 2019 | 168 Pages | 978-1-4012-9459-5

The 1960s adventures of the Flash that introduced the Scarlet Speedster to his Golden Age predecessor, Jay Garrick, are collected in DC's Deluxe Edition format for the first time.
The super-speedsters of two worlds race into adventure in this new collection of tales! Learn how police scientist Barry Allen, the Flash of the 1960s, first crossed paths with his predecessor, Jay Garrick, the Flash of the 1940s, in this hardcover featuring THE FLASH #123, #129, #137, #151 and #173, collected in DC's Deluxe Edition format for the first time.
These are the stories that first established the science fiction concept of parallel universes in DC Comics, as the Flash learned of a way to use his super-speed to travel across dimensions to "Earth-2," home of an older generation of heroes who began their crime-fighting careers in the 1940s. It all begins in "Flash of Two Worlds," one of the most famous tales from the Silver Age of Comics, and led to subsequent tales in which the two super-speedsters teamed up to battle Captain Cold, the Trickster and more of the Flash's Rogues Gallery of villains.

Batman by Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo Omnibus Vol. 1
$125 20 oz On sale Oct 22, 2019 | 900 Pages | 978-1-4012-9884-5

Scott Snyder's best-selling iconic Batman run gets collected in an omnibus format for the first time!
Scott Snyder and Gregg Capullo's Batman stories – from Court of Owls to Zero Year – are presented together in this hard cover omnibus collection. Batman discovers a vast conspiracy with roots deep in the past of Gotham city. From the Court of Owls to the Joker, this collection covers a range of foes both old and new as readers follow Batman's adventures from the pen of Scott Snyder. Collects Batman #1-33

Crisis on Infinite Earths Companion Deluxe Vol. 3 by Marv Wolfman and George Perez
$75 20 oz | 12 per carton On sale Oct 15, 2019 | 536 Pages | 978-1-4012-9448-9

Worlds will live and worlds will die. See how the game-changing event Crisis on Infinite Earths affected your favorite characters and series in Crisis on Infinite Earths Companion Deluxe Vol. 3!
Crisis on Infinite Earths was an event too large to be contained within one series. Written and illustrated by a who's who of famous and prolific authors and artists, Crisis on Infinite Earths Companion Deluxe Vol. 2 shows you the devastating effects of the Crisis as it reverberated throughout the DCU. Crisis on Infinite Earths Companion Deluxe Vol. 2 is a must-have for all collectors and fans of the original Crisis on Infinite Earths series, and for those who have yet to see many of these stories re-collected in print! Collects Amethyst #13, Blue Devil #17-18, Wonder Woman #327-329, Swamp Thing #46, Legion of Super-Heroes #16 and #18, Superman #413 and #415, DC Comics Presents #87, #84, #88 and #95, Justice League of America Annual #3 and The Omega Men #31 and #33.

Sandman Vol. 0: Overture 30th Anniversary Edition by Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III
$19.99 US 13 oz | 24 per carton On sale Oct 15, 2019 | 224 Pages | 978-1-4012-9452-6

A #1 New York Times bestseller and winner of the 2016 Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story! Neil Gaiman's The Sandman set the standard for mature, lyrical fantasy in the modern comics era. This 30th Anniversary edition of The Sandman Vol. 0: Overture is a lush, epic look at The Sandman's origin story.
The Sandman: Overture heralded New York Times best-selling writer Neil Gaiman's return to the art form that made him famous, ably abetted by artistic luminary J.H. Williams III (Batwoman, Promethea), whose lush, widescreen images provide an epic scope to this tale featuring Morpheus. From the birth of a galaxy to the moment that Morpheus is captured, The Sandman Vol. 0: Overture features cameo appearances by fan-favorite characters such as The Corinthian, Merv Pumpkinhead and, of course, the Dream King's siblings: Death, Desire, Despair, Delirium, Destruction and Destiny. Neil Gaiman further explores world of The Sandman with events that occurred even before The Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes.

Zero Hour 25th Anniversary Omnibus by Dan Jurgens
$125 20 oz | 12 per carton On sale Oct 01, 2019 | 976 Pages | 978-1-4012-9436-6

Celebrate one of the most monumental crossovers in DC history in the ZERO HOUR 25TH ANNIVERSARY OMNIBUS, which collects the time-bending miniseries as well as every comic book that tied into it, featuring appearances by every major DC super hero, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and more, as well as many forgotten cult-favorite characters.
All of reality comes under attack when a mysterious force of entropy begins slowly erasing time itself–making its way from both the past and future toward the present! As history itself unravels around them, the heroes of the world–including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, the Justice Society and the Titans–scramble to fix the broken timestream. But even if they stop the true source of the chaos, the world they save will never be the same! This new omnibus edition celebrates the 25th anniversary of this epic tale by collecting the original miniseries as well as every DC title that tied into it.

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis Book One by Kurt Busiek and Jackson Guice
Paperback $34.99 13 oz | 24 per carton On sale Dec 03, 2019 | 160 Pages | 978-1-4012-8771-9

A new Aquaman crashes the kingdom in the aftermath of the massive event Infinite Crisis. Who is this new King of the Seven Seas, and can he be trusted?
It's One Year Later after the events of Infinite Crisis, and Aquaman has totally changed! The new Aquaman begins the hunt for his missing father and fights a savage duel against an Atlantean warrior over his alliance with the much-feared King Shark. Also, the fate of Atlantis is revealed as Aquaman encounters a band of Atlanteans led by Mera! Who is the new savior of the seven seas, and what happened to the original Aquaman? Collects Aquaman #40-49.

Superman: The City of Tomorrow by Jeph Loeb
Paperback $34.99 13 oz | 24 per carton On sale Dec 03, 2019 | 464 Pages | 978-1-4012-9508-0

Batman: Hush writer Jeph Loeb is a legend in the comics community, and now every issue of his masterful run on the Man of Steel is collected in this trade paperback volume.
The Daily Planet returns as a new era for the Man of Steel begins! Superman for All Seasons writer Jeph Loeb joins artists Mike McKone and Marlo Alquiza for a back-to-basics series that reveals the shocking reason Lex Luthor has given the Planet back to Perry White. Plus, what villain's son is heading to Earth for a collision with the Man of Steel? Collects Superman #151-154, Superman: Y2K #1, Superman: The Man of Steel #95-98, Adventures of Superman #573-576 and Action Comics #760-763

Batman: Zero Year: The Complete Collection by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.
Paperback $24.99 13 oz | 24 per carton On sale Nov 19, 2019 | 400 Pages | 978-1-4012-9493-9

Before the era of superheroes began–before the Batman spread his wings to protect the innocent and punish the evil–Gotham City's prodigal son, Bruce Wayne, had been missing for years. But this was exactly the cover of darkness Bruce needed. Patrolling Gotham's streets in a series of disguises, he began a career as a faceless vigilante. From the #1 New York Times best-selling creative team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo!
The Riddler has plunged Gotham City into darkness. How will a young Dark Knight bring his beloved hometown from the brink of chaos and madness and back into the light? Batman: Zero Year: The Complete Collection presents an astonishing new vision of the Dark Knight's origin–and his first encounters with the Riddler, the Red Hood and more! Collects issues #21-27 and #29-33.

And we mentioned the Heroes in Crisis Companion Book before and now we know just what's in it – The Price, plus Flash Annual…

$19.99 13 oz On sale Oct 01, 2019 | 168 Pages | 978-1-4012-9964-4

Tom King's event of the year – Heroes in Crisis – has rocked the DC heroes to their core. While the events at Sanctuary play out in Heroes in Crisis (now available in a collected Hard Cover edition), Batman and the Flash work together behind the scenes to solve a mystery surrounding the death of Wally West. But can they solve the case before turning on each other?
An old case has reopened, and it's up to the DCU's top detectives to solve it! Gotham Girl is missing, and it will take both Batman and The Flash working together to find out where she's gone … and if she has anything to do with the horrifying events at Sanctuary.
Though old friends, the case and the disturbing events surrounding it, are tearing Batman and the Flash's friendship apart. Both Batman and the Flash have lost their sidekicks, will they also lose each other?
Contains Batman #64-65, The Flash #64-65 and The Flash Annual #2

And a look at the Crisis Set too…

It's been a busy DC day today on Bleeding Cool and it will only get busier tomorrow. Keep up with the DC Weekend tag…

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