Dan DiDio on the Talent Pool, $3.99 Price Points and the Growth of Kids Comics

And they are trying to make print comics have added value that won't appear in the digital editions..They are also seeing massive growth in interest in their Young Adult and Kids lines - and Bleeding Cool ran some news on new titles coming through to their Ink/Zoom imprints.But as for Free Comic Book Day titles?[...]

Batman: Damned Forced DC to Rethink Who They Were as a Publisher

And one that has been redefining itself in the long shadow it has cast...Lots of DC Comics stuff hitting this weekend on Bleeding Cool - you can keep up with this #DCWeekend tag....  At the ComicsPRO meeting of comic book retailers at Charlotte, North Carolina a couple of weeks ago, DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio[...]

Doomsday Clock Collection Scheduled For November, Hopefully

The end.Collects issues #1-12 of the groundbreaking seriesKeep checking back with the DCWeekend tag... If DC Comics are repackaging Blue Beetle and Question comics as The Road To Watchmen, then this must be the Defenestration To The Street Below Watchmen We have the solicitation for the Doomsday Clock collection for November Which gives you a[...]

Changed Covers For DC's Black Canary: Ignite and Superman Of Smallville

who is? Join Clark in this hilarious adventure as he sniffs out the real culprit.From New York Times bestselling and Eisner Award-winning creators, Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani comes a fun, whimsical take on high school freshmen Clark Kent, Lex Luthor and Lana Lang. Keep checking back with the DCWeekend tag...  This was the released cover[...]

Kirk Scroggs Reboots Swamp Thing as Swamp Kid

Finneca (his suspicious science teacher), and to find humor in the everyday weird.This is The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid by writer and illustrator Kirk Scroggs, and you'll never look at the bayou the same way again.Keep checking back with the DCWeekend tag... Kirk Scroggs is the writer and illustrator of the Snoop Troop books,[...]

Ridley Pearson's Super Son Sequel – The Foxglove Mission

Join Ridley Pearson and artist Ile Gonzalez as they introduce new settings, new allies and villains, and all-new adventure in this latest action-packed chapter!Keep checking back with the DCWeekend tag...  Super Sons: The Polar Shield project by Ridley Pearson and Ileana Gonzalez is out in April from DC's new kids imprint, Zoom Featuring Damian Wayne, son[...]

Amy Wolfram Writes New DC Super Hero Girls Graphic Novel – At Metropolis High

This story is perfect for ages 6-10 and a great entry point into the DC Universe and graphic novels.Keep checking back with the DCWeekend tag... Bleeding Cool has details of three new DC Super Hero Girls books out later this year There are two novels by Erica David out on September 3rd,Fierce Competition!and Party Crashers! with[...]

Superman: Year One by Frank Miller and John Romita Gets a Cover

(All Star Batman) use their celebrated backgrounds to bring a fresh perspective to Superman's origin, in a story that will live on as the pivotal Superman story.The DC Black Label imprint features classic DC characters in compelling, standalone stories written and illustrated by world-class authors and artists.And here's some artwork we've already seen...Keep checking back[...]

DC Repackages Blue Beetle and Question Comics as 'The Road to Watchmen'

This title includes CAPTAIN ATOM (1966) #83-86, BLUE BEETLE (1967) #1-6, MYSTERIOUS SUSPENSE #1, CHARLTON PREMIERE #3, THE CHARLTON BULLSEYE (1975) #1, #5, THE CHARLTON BULLSEYE (1981) #1, AMERICOMICS #3 and AMERICOMICS SPECIAL #1. Keep checking back with the DCWeekend tag... DC Comics continue to squeeze blood out of a stone regarding Watchmen The twelve-issue comic[...]

DC Publishes Collections of Walmart Comics in October and November

Keep checking back with the DCWeekend tag...Superman: Up in the Sky Hardcover $24.99 US DC Comics 20 oz | 12 per carton On sale Nov 19, 2019 | 144 Pages | 978-1-4012-9456-4 Award-winning author Tom King (Batman, Mister Miracle) answers the question: How far across the galaxy will the Man of Steel go to bring a single child home?Aliens[...]