Dynamite Teases Big News Coming… Is It a Fallout Comic?

Dynamite Entertainment has some big news coming, at least, so they teased in a Twitter post on Tuesday.

There's not much to go on from the photo of the top of a glass soda bottle (or "pop" bottle if you are some kind of uncultured ignoramus), but that didn't stop the first response to the tweet from taking a pretty good guess.

The Fallout game franchise does indeed feature an in-game item called Nuka-Cola, a parody of Coca-Cola, which comes in a bottle which looks similar enough to the one in the picture. Additionally, Dynamite has worked with the Fallout brand to produce a series of trading cards, so there's a relationship there which could be easily expanded to comics.

What do you think? Is Dynamite teasing a new Fallout comic book? And if so, will it be set in the world of Fallout? Or, even better, would it be set in the world of one of the fictional comic books that exist in the Fallout world, like Grognak the Barbarian? Or is it something else entirely? Post your thoughts in the comments.

Dynamite Teases Big News Coming... Is It a Fallout Comic?

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