Fallout T-45 NCR Salvaged Power Armor Gets Full Threezero Reveal

Fallout T-45 NCR Salvaged Power Armor Gets Full Threezero Reveal

Earlier this week, threezero teased their upcoming T-45 Power Armor from Fallout To be more specific, the Power Armor is from the 2010 game Fallout: New Vegas as the NCR Salvaged armor set We finally Geta a full look at the figure and this thing will definitely save you in the wasteland The Power Armor[...]

Fallout T-45 NCR Power Armor Figure Coming to Threezero

Fallout T-45 NCR Power Armor Figure Coming to Threezero

Vault dwellers have something new to look forward to as threezero announced a new Fallout collectible Every wanderer needs their own Power Armor and threezero is here to present the T-45 Power Armor NCR Salvaged suit This Fallout figure is a 1/6th scale figure that is fully detailed and articulated Besides three teaser images of[...]

Fallout Nuka Cola Girl Gets New Gaming Heads Statue

Fallout Nuka Cola Girl Gets New Gaming Heads Statue

The iconic Nuka Cola Girl from the hit game series Fallout comes to life with Gaming Heads They have announced not one but three limited edition statues that are perfect for the post-apocalypse Collectors can pick between the 1000 LE Standard statue, the 500 LE Exclusive statue, and the 50 LE Collective statue Each Fallout[...]

Fallout: Westworld Creators Amazon Developing TV Series Adaptation

Fallout: Westworld Creators, Amazon Developing TV Series Adaptation

Fans of epic-level sci-fi action and drama, and in particular fans of “Fallout,” should be feeling pretty good right about now (though with a cautious eye, we're sure) Nolan and Joy are teaming with Amazon Studios and Kilter Films (in association with the games’ producers Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks) to bring the video[...]

Fallout 76 Has Received Update 20 With A Ton Of Content

Fallout 76 Has Received Update 20 With A Ton Of Content

Bethesda Softworks just released Update 20 for Fallout 76, bringing players content for Season One, including the Legendary Run We have the complete details for you below from the devs, including the trailer to show it all off as everything is live right now The biggest thing we're looking forward to is the Legendary Run,[...]

Bethesda Releases Details On Fallout 76 Season One

Bethesda Releases Details On Fallout 76 Season One

Bethesda Softworks have released new details about what's to come in Season One for Fallout 76, which will launch in the game on June 30th Along with the addition of "The Legendary Run" which will monitor your progress like a board game, there will be many new challenges added to the S.C.O.R.E[...]

Bethesda Softworks Reveals Fallout 76s 2020 Roadmap

Bethesda Softworks Reveals Fallout 76's 2020 Roadmap

Bethesda Softworks revealed a brand new 2020 roadmap for Fallout 76 this morning, showing off where the game will be going the rest of the year The company released the map, which you can see below, along with details on their website as to what it all means in detail The shorthand to all this[...]

Fallout Power Armor Bust Returns to the Wasteland with Gaming Heads

Fallout Power Armor Bust Returns to the Wasteland with Gaming Heads

Fallout 76 recently just launched its long awaited NPC expansion This finally gives players the ability to do quests and adventure that we have wanted since day 1 It is no surprise to see collectibles pop up after the launch as the franchise is getting traction yet again This time the life size Fallout T-45[...]

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Update Is Coming On April 7th

"Fallout 76" Wastelanders Update Is Coming On April 7th

This morning, Bethesda Softworks finally announced a release date for the upcoming free Wastelanders update to Fallout 76 The new update will finally be added to the game on April 7th, 2020 This after it was pushed back and fans not knowing when they'd see it While it's still two months out, at least it's[...]

Bethesda Softworks Restores Stolen Items To Fallout 76 Players

Bethesda Softworks Restores Stolen Items To "Fallout 76" Players

The recent hacking thefts that happened in Fallout 76 has finally received a happy ending of sorts, as players got a surprise from Bethesda Softworks Last month around the holidays, players were getting hacked on the servers and having their inventories cleaned out For a number of people, they assumed the worst at the end[...]

Bethesda Will Allow Some Fallout 76 Players To Try Wastelanders

Bethesda Will Allow Some "Fallout 76" Players To Try Wastelanders

After Bethesda Softworks pushed the Wastelanders content for Fallout 76 back to later in 2020, the company created a way for some people to try it out The developers announced they would be creating a private test of the content on the PTS for a select group of PC players You can register to play[...]

5 of Gamings Greatest Dystopian Worlds

5 of Gaming's Greatest Dystopian Worlds

In honor of entering another year in another decade, here are five of the greatest dystopian worlds in gaming: fun to visit, but not to become a permanent resident of. Fallout Whether you're exploring the wastelands of the original isometric RPG classic or escaping the Vault years later in Fallout 3, you simple cannot deny the fact[...]

Hackers Attacked The Fallout 76 Servers Taking Players Inventory

Hackers Attacked The "Fallout 76" Servers Taking Player's Inventory

Today in hacking-because-they-can news, it appears a few hackers attacked public servers for Fallout 76 and became a cyber Grinch The story is coming from the game's Reddit forums, in which several players have noted that their accounts have been cleaned out of items within their inventory Which promoted a post from one of the[...]

The Bad News No Fallout Comics from Dynamite But The Good News&#8230

The Bad News, No Fallout Comics from Dynamite, But The Good News…

Our theory: the company was planning a new series of comic books based on the video game franchise Fallout, because the image they posted looked like the top of a Nuka Cola bottle, and Dynamite had previously released Fallout trading cards.Well, folks, sometimes when we have a theory here at Bleeding Cool, it ends up[...]

Dynamite Teases Big News Coming&#8230 Is It a Fallout Comic

Dynamite Teases Big News Coming… Is It a Fallout Comic?

Dynamite Entertainment has some big news coming, at least, so they teased in a Twitter post on Tuesday.https://twitter.com/DynamiteComics/status/1194352095627030530There's not much to go on from the photo of the top of a glass soda bottle (or "pop" bottle if you are some kind of uncultured ignoramus), but that didn't stop the first response to the tweet[...]

Fallout Shelter Board Game Coming Soon from Fantasy Flight Games

"Fallout Shelter" Board Game Coming Soon from Fantasy Flight Games

If you're a fan of the Fallout franchise, especially the Fallout Shelter game that debuted a few years back for your Pip-Boy.. uhm, cell phone a few years back Fantasy Flight Games has a new board game that's sure to get you more revved up than a super-mutant with an unlimited supply of Nuka-Cola! Fallout[...]

Bethesda Introduces Premium Fallout 76 Tier For $12 A Month

Bethesda Introduces Premium "Fallout 76" Tier For $12 A Month

[caption id="attachment_1107320" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Bethesda[/caption]Fallout 76 is getting a "premium membership" service Say hello to "Fallout 1st," a new paid tier for the game that you can shell out extra cash for.A membership will run you $99 per year or $12 monthly For that price, you'll get access to private worlds for you and[...]

Bethesda Provides An Update On The Fallout 76 Wastelands Release

Bethesda Provides An Update On The "Fallout 76" Wastelands Release

Bethesda Softworks provided an update for players today regarding the Wastelands update coming to Fallout 76, as the content has been pushed The short version is that the devs want the final product to be polished before it gets dropped into the game, so it has been pushed back to Q1 2020 while they work[...]

Bethesda Recalls A Fallout 76 Helmet Due To A Mold Risk

Bethesda Recalls A "Fallout 76" Helmet Due To A Mold Risk

Can Bethesda Softworks catch a break with ANY of their items? Apparently not when it comes to Fallout 76, that is If you happened to order one of the T-51b Power Armor Collectible Helmets, you might want to click here and read up on this warning According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission,[...]

Fallout Vault Boy Is Here to Guide You from Good Smile Company

"Fallout" Vault Boy Is Here to Guide You from Good Smile Company

Fallout's Vault Boy is here fellow wanderer! If you have made it this far then you deserve a reward, I mean you did survive the Fallout after all Put on your jumpsuit, grab your pip-boy and get out there and join the world once again Don’t forget to bring your Vault Boy with you though![...]