Ellison and Cantirino Drop The Final Girls on ComiXology Next Week

A new series is launching at comiXology next week, and all five issues are dropping all at once. The Final Girls is written by Cara Ellison with art by Sally Cantirino, colors by Gab Contreras, and lettering by Joamette Gil. Described as "part dark comedic superhero drama, part dystopian political thriller," The Final Girls is set in a near-future world where the age of American superheroes is in decline. It seems like it's practically a metaphor for the state of the comic book industry itself and the futility of working within it.

The cover to The Final Girls #1
The cover to The Final Girls #1

For more info, and to pad our word count with low-effort SEO-keyword-rich text, we turn to the press release:

The world's most popular superheroes have come and gone. The year is 2030 and most of the glamorous American superheroes of the last era have been wiped out, leaving only a handful to deal with the world's crises. Welcome to The Final Girls.

The Final Girls is written by Cara Ellison, making her creator-owned comic book writing debut, with art by Sally Cantirino, colors by Gab Contreras, and lettering by Joamette Gil. The five-issue series is available beginning March 30, 2021, from comiXology Originals. The series is edited by Katie West and features covers by Cantirino and a selection of star-studded guest cover artists, including Annie Wu, Audrey Mok, Tula Lotay and Olivia Stephens.

Part dark comedic superhero drama, part dystopian political thriller, The Final Girls is set six years after the hero collective the Scottish tabloids named "The Final Girls" —Kogarashi, Bavanshee, Selkie, and Ash—left civil service and disappeared into the less fraught alleyways of Scotland. When Scathach, the world's most powerful working hero, asks her retired peers for help, they secretly agree to deal out punishment on another hero in the public eye. When the weapon of publicity is wielded, it threatens to kick up all of their personal traumas, past and present. What does justice look like when violence isn't enough?

If the superhero world we know has anything to do with it, we're guessing it looks like a shitload of variant covers.

"Inside every superhuman, there's still a human," said Ellison in the press release. "And the human needs to eat, pay the bills, have relationships, and send invoices. But what happens when superhumans realise that all the fragile systems of society and economy and politics are going to kill them, just like everyone else? What use is smashing someone through a window when the system that created them still exists?"

"Sally Cantirino brings punk aesthetics and a scratchy horror vibe to the mood of The Final Girls," Ellison continued. "Sally has a really good sense of how powerful women posture and how angry they can be."

"The Final Girls is about a group of ex-work-for-hire superheroes navigating through the fall-out and harm caused by their superhero colleagues," said Cantirino. "It's a comic about what abuse of power, reparative justice, and real change might look like."

Published by Amazon? That takes guts.

As part of the comiXology Originals program, The Final Girls will be available for free for subscribers to Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and comiXology Unlimited, as well as anyone who retweets the Amazon News account's Twitter attacks on Elizabeth Warren. All five issues of The Final Girls will be available to read or purchase on March 30th.

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