Marvel's Empyre Event Has Been Officially Shrunk

Just before the Empyre event was meant to begin, Marvel published The Road To Empyre, detailing Skrull, Kree, Cotati and human history together, that culminated in Incoming last year and was set to break out in April. Then something else broke out instead and everything got delayed. And now it seems that some of it won't even come to fruition. The Empyre Preview Magazine was meant to come out at the end of March. It was delayed a little. Then it was delayed a lot. It will be eventually coming to stores for the 1st of July.

"The Empyre preview magazine will give readers an advance inside look into Empyre and how it impacts on all of the different Marvel characters across the Universe—not just in the main series but also the assorted tie-in projects where the events of Empyre spill over into other titles," explains Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. However, it will now be spilling over into fewer titles as a result of Marvel's restraining publishing plan.

Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski continues, "The Empyre preview magazine was produced before the world outside our windows went all weird, so you'll find it contains some outdated information. While Mighty Marvel's publishing plans may have changed due to this pandemic pause, this publication is still packed with useful information and behind-the-scenes insight that we wanted to share with our fantastic fans, so you can get in early on all the excitement of Empyre. And even though certain stories will no longer be tying in with the event – You never know, someday we may revisit these cool concepts and characters."

When we ran a list of Marvel Missing In Action comic books, they included the following:

  • Empyre: Spider–Man
  • Empyre: Stormranger
  • Empyre: Thor
  • Empyre: Squadron Supreme
  • Empyre: The Invasion Of Wakanda
  • Empyre: Ghost Rider
  • The Union
  • Strikeforce

Which of these will be disposed of? All of them? Or will September solicitations prove their saviour? And what glimpses of what would have been will the Empyre Preview Magazine reveal?

Empyre Preview Magazine.
Empyre Preview Magazine.

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