Everything Wrong With Thor's Marvel Legacy Numbering

Marvel has revealed yet another graphic showing how they added up the numbers for another Marvel Legacy title, and you know what that means. That's right, it's time for us to pedantically pick it apart and declare it totally wrong! Some have called it "unbearable snark" while others have called it "somebody please get Jude the help he needs," but honestly, as nerds, we consider vehemently disagreeing with something as technical as comic book legacy numbering our sacred duty!

Everything Wrong With Thor's Marvel Legacy Numbering

Heh. We said "duty."

First of all, we're not even going to bother with the lack of various 0 issues, -1 issues, .1 issues, or mini-series like The Unworthy Thor. They're not including minis, one-shots, or off-numbered issues for any of the Legacy series (except when they do include minis, like with Deadpool). Thor also gets a pass for including issues where someone other than the original Thor was the star of the book, as the same applies to other titles as well (except when it doesn't, like with some of the Avengers teams), and plus, Jane Foster is still the star of the relaunched title… until she dies!

All of that, we could live with, especially with the understanding that Marvel doesn't want to miss the #700 blowout milestone issue by starting at Thor #706 or something like that.

But how does it make sense to include the issues of Journey Into Mystery that predated Thor's appearance in the book (that's the first 82 of them). Yes, we understand that Thor inherited Journey Into Mystery's numbering, but that volume is long dead. If we're adding up issues of Thor for a new Thor series, we probably shouldn't pad it with 82 issues that predate his existence.

More frustratingly, Marvel doesn't apply this logic consistently, excluding Tales of Suspense from Iron Man's legacy numbering while including Tales to Astonish in Hulk's (including the ones before he started appearing in it, but at the same time excluding the very first volume of The Incredible Hulk that ran for six issues). Augggh!

And to make matters worse, Journey Into Mystery has had additional volumes published. If you were to relaunch Journey Into Mystery with legacy numbering, would it need to exclude its own first volume because Thor took the issues? Or would Marvel count them twice, cooking the books?!

There's more legacy numbered series to come with Marvel Legacy, so let's hope Marvel gets their act together soon.

Just kidding, we hope they keep missing obvious stuff so we can milk this gimmick for all it's worth!


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