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Iron Fist Legacy Numbering Continues Marvel Legacy Of Wrong Numbering
Marvel has revealed its explanation for the Marvel Legacy numbering of Iron Fist, and once again, inconsistent application of the rules has made a complete mess of things. As we continue Bleeding Cool's series of reports investigating Marvel's Legacy numbering, Iron Fist may be the most messed up title yet. Most glaringly,the numbers don't include team-up book[...]
Deadpool Gets Cable & Deadpool, Cable Gets Squat For Marvel Legacy Numbering
Marvel has revealed the math behind their Marvel Legacy numbering for Cable, and we're here to tell you why it's incorrect! A lot has been said in place of our articles dissecting Marvel's Legacy numbering "Enough already," said one commenter "Isn't Frank Cho up to something you guys can rail on about?" wondered another We were[...]
Everything Wrong With Thor's Marvel Legacy Numbering
That's right, it's time for us to pedantically pick it apart and declare it totally wrong! Some have called it "unbearable snark" while others have called it "somebody please get Jude the help he needs," but honestly, as nerds, we consider vehemently disagreeing with something as technical as comic book legacy numbering our sacred duty! Heh[...]