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Journey Into Mystery Annual #1 (Marvel, 1965)
Re-reading the Hercules vs Thor battle in Journey into Mystery Annual #1 just now, it struck me how perfect this scene would be for a Taika Waititi Thor movie.  Maybe we'll get the chance to see that someday, as Hercules' dad Zeus appears in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, so perhaps Hercules himself will[...]
Journey Into Mystery #85 5.5. First Loki
Stan Lee created a version of him for a pre-Marvel comic book called Venus and then brought him into the Journey Into Mystery comic book, created by Stan, his brother Larry Leiber and Jack Kirby alongside his brother Thor in issue #85 in 1963 And, handily timed alongside the new Loki TV show, four copies[...]
Steve Ditko Original Artwork From Doctor Strange, At Auction
Currently at a $25,000. Credit: Steve Ditko   Steve Ditko Journey Into Mystery #63 Story Page 3 Original Art (Marvel/Atlas, 1960) "I Took A Journey Into Fear!" was an Atlas Comics horror tale with a twist worthy of an EC comic This page features the character's foul deed and dangerous decision It also features some delightful Ditko artwork! Ditko's artwork[...]
Nobody Tells Thori Where to Poop - War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery #3 Preview
That's what happens in this preview of War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery #3… Anyone who's ever traveled with a dog knows that regular bathroom breaks are a requirement… but Thori, unlike most dogs, is perfectly capable of letting humans know that himself. Then again… Still, he definitely draws the line at walking on a leash. Access journalism[...]
Belligerent Marvel Reveals Moar War of the Realms Variants
Marvel has heard the complaints levied by Brian Hibbs about their abuse of the variant cover gimmick (amongst other things) to extract more money from existing readers rather than trying to sell actual comics to new readers, and they have responded with… more variants! Hey, Marvel is nothing if not consistent, right? First up, two variants for[...]
Journey Into Mystery Returns as War of the Realms Spinoff Written by McElroy Brothers
War of the Realms has gotten its first spin-off mini-series, setting in motion the super-mega-crossover event churn that will envelop the comics industry in 2019 (and into 2020 if the usual delays occur)! War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery will be a five-issue series written by podcast moguls The McElroy Brothers and drawn by André[...]
Everything Wrong With Thor's Marvel Legacy Numbering
Thor also gets a pass for including issues where someone other than the original Thor was the star of the book, as the same applies to other titles as well (except when it doesn't, like with some of the Avengers teams), and plus, Jane Foster is still the star of the relaunched title… until she[...]
First Appearances Of Thor Already Over $20K On Comic Connect!
I've bid on one or two items–no you can't know which–so here's hoping I get something. Tonight's auction has some heavy hitters in it, such as this beautiful copy of Journey Into Mystery #83 This book is already over the $20K mark, and I have a feeling this book will double that price[...]
Kieron Gillen's Spotlight At San Diego – This Time He's Bringing His Mum
And of course, who better to pull the details of his rise in popularity and success than his longtime partner in creativity, Jamie McKelvie. We start with a big cheer from a roomful of The Wicked + The Divine fans, followed by Jamie and Kieron taking their seats to be awarded by Comic-Con International for their[...]
New Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Poster References Thor Comic Book….?
But just as the Ant Man movie name dropped the comic that he first appeared in, Tales To Astonish, to this one also does some name dropping, for Journey Into Mystery.  Which would be the comic book that Thor first appeared in… And also a comic that the child incarnation of Loki starred in, more recently. Does the[...]
Thor's Comic Review Column – Teen Titans, Dark Engine, Translucid, Black Market, Seconds, Life With Archie, Journey Into Mystery: Sif, And A Few Words For Those Who Can't Handle Change In Funnybooks
This Week's Comic Reviews Include: Teen Titans #1 Dark Engine #1 Translucid #4 Black Market #1 Seconds Life With Archie #36 Journey Into Mystery Featuring Sif Vol 1 and 2 But first, a word or two directed to those who can't handle change in their superhero funnybooks. 1 An Open Letter to People Complaining About the New Thor/Captain America By Adam[...]