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Exclusive: Corinna Bechko To Write Angel Season 11 For Dark Horse

angels11-1-variant-fc-fnlTurns our one of the big announcements coming up for Dark Horse at NYCC October 6th-9th is that writer Corinna Bechko (Laura Croft) will be taking on Angel Season 11 for the publisher. She will be joined by Deadpool and Ghost artist Geraldo Borges and Buffy Season 9 colorist Michelle Madsen on the series.

Angel goes solo in the new series as he is tormented by memories of his past and they link to a big bad coming in the future. The goddess Illyria intervenes and assists Angel as he discovers that it might be possible to change the future by traveling back in time to change the past.

The first issue of Angel Season 11 goes on sale January 18, 2017 and will have twelve issues total. Scott Fischer (Angel & Faith Season 10) and Jeff Dekal (Journey into Mystery) both created covers.

I got a chance to talk with Corinna about the new project.

DAN WICKLINE: A good place to start would be to ask, how did you get involved in Angel Season 11? Were you a fan of the TV series or Buffy when they were on?

CORINNA BECHKO: I was approached by Dark Horse about penning this season. I love writing supernatural adventure and horror, so of course I was excited. Between the show and the comics, there's quite a rich history, so I threw myself into reviewing everything before starting to write the first issue.

angels11-1-fc-fnlDW: The first thing fans will notice is that this is Angel season 11 and not Angel & Faith Season 11. Why is he on his own now and how does that change the series tonal wise from the wrap up of season 10?

CB: This season does follow on fairly closely from Season 10, but we're going some very different places, and I mean that literally. It might be giving something away to say more.

DW: Here is the tough question. There are some fans who will be picking this up for the first time with only the knowledge of where the TV series left off. What do those fans need to know before opening up the first issue?

CB: With any continuing story as rich and varied as Angel's has been, there will be a bit of catch-up to do if fans haven't read the intervening issues. That said, I think they'll recognize and relate to all of the main characters right away, and there might even be a few Easter eggs for close viewers of the show.

DW: You're working with Deadpool and Ghost artist Geraldo Borges on the new season. What is your working relationship like with him? How much do you collaborate and what about his art do you think made him the right choice for the project?

CB: Geraldo's work is so detailed and nuanced! We're going some pretty crazy places during Season 11, so I feel lucky to be working with someone who can really bring a sense of place to fantastical realms and entities. His work is very grounded, but never lacks for action and suspense. It's a good feeling to collaborate with someone who brings those qualities to the table.

angel1DW: At the end of the day, this is a licensed character owned by a very creative person. How much does Joss Whedon play into the decision making and plot for a series like this?

CB: He keeps a hand in and drives the direction the story goes, but there's still a lot of freedom for me as a writer to adjust course and explore on my own. I've found it to be a rewarding experience.

DW: Angel's big difference from the other vampire's in the Buffyverse was he still had his soul. Is that what makes him a compelling character to you? Why? Or if not, then what is it about him that you think makes fans love him?

angel2CB: Angel's constant wrestling with his darker side is something I think almost everyone can relate to. Maybe most of us don't have a literal demon inside us, but we certainly all have a darker side. In my opinion this makes Angel a lot more interesting than a flawless hero who automatically does the right thing. Angel knows that doing good is a choice, and often that choice isn't very clear cut. As a writer there's nothing better than a character like that. And as a fan that makes for a much more interesting read.

DW: What can fans expect going through the eleventh season? Any hints you can give us to get the readers excited?

CB: Season 11 is all about going places, and some of those places will be quite unexpected. There will be divided loyalties, dangerous meetings, and of course an assortment of demons and untrustworthy creatures. I'm having a lot of fun writing it, and I hope fans will have fun reading it!

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