F. Paul Wilson Writes His Own Repairman Jack Graphic Novel for Dynamite in 2020

Francis Paul Wilson is a science fiction and horror novelist, best known for his Repairman Jack novels. Repairman Jack first appeared in Wilson's 1984 novel The Tomb, as part of his "Adversary Cycle." Over a decade later, Repairman Jack was spun off into a dedicated series of novels and altogether has now starred in more than 20.

F. Paul Wilson Writes Repairman Jack Graphic Novel for DynamiteFirst the novels

Jack is a self-titled "fix-it" man, but not in the common workshop sense. He is something of an underground mercenary, hired by everyday people to fix situations that cannot be dealt with through legal means (e.g. by blackmail). He is careful about who he agrees to do fix-its for, preferring innocent, desperate citizens being victimized with no one else to turn to. Jack adamantly refuses to take murder for hire jobs and almost never becomes involved in cases involving domestic issues between couples, kidnappings or missing persons as he believes officialdom, Jack's personal name for society norms such as the police, is the best option in those situations given their superior resources. These fix-its usually begin simply, but grow into complex problems that begin to involve more and more science-fiction and supernatural elements as the novels continue. The second novel, Legacies, is the only one that is completely free of any overtly supernatural elements.

All of Jack's fix-its are immediately relevant problems in today's world, covering topics such as conspiracy groups, grassroots movements, designer drugs, public shootings, terrorists, legal dealings, and scientific and biological experiments. Jack relies on his brain, wits, experience, and real-life weapons and techniques to do battle, and though he makes increasing use of supernatural sources of information (a spiritual medium), he has so far not used supernatural weapons or abilities in battle.

Jack hides his identity from the government and does his best to not leave behind traces of his identity when out and about. He advertises his services strictly by word of mouth and via an anonymous website.

And now the comics

And now Francis Paul Wilson is to write new Repairman Jack graphic novels for Dynamite. And unlike many of these celebrity author comic book deals, Wilson will be actually writing the entirety of the graphic novel himself.

"Originally I agreed just to write new stories for the Repairman Jack graphic novels and have someone else script them, but anal me couldn't give up the reins," said writer F. Paul Wilson. "So I'm doing the whole deal, story and script. Jack's fans can expect to see a lot of familiar faces, while new readers will come away with a damn good idea of who this urban mercenary is, what he does, and how he gets it done."

The first Repairman Jack original graphic novel will be published in 2020.

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