Feast Your Eyes on Marc Laming's Pencils and Inks for February's Bloodshot #0

Turkey Day may be over, but that doesn't mean you need to stop gorging yourself on tasty pleasures. Valiant Entertainment is inviting readers to feast not with their stomachs but with their eyes on the delicious pencils and tantalizing inks of Marc Laming for February's upcoming Bloodshot #0. The idea for Bloodshot #0, by Laming and Tim Seeley, came when Valiant realized that there's a Bloodshot movie coming out on February 21st and yet there's no brand new Bloodshot #1 in stores at that same time to capitalize on the hype. Thankfully, hardworking mathematicians at The Flying V were able to determine that zero is actually a number that comes before one, and since Valiant started their newly relaunched Bloodshot comic with number one, that leaves the perfect opportunity to put out a zero issue in February and rake in those sweet moviegoer dollars.

"BLOODSHOT #0 invites the reader to see what happened just before the relaunch of BLOODSHOT #1!" said series editor Lysa Hawkins, who sometimes speaks in capital letters. "There couldn't be a better time to get to know Bloodshot and if you already know just how good this book is, it's a love letter to the fans with an amazing story by Tim and breathtaking art by Marc. It just can't be missed."

In addition to perfectly capitalizing on the Bloodshot movie release, Bloodshot #0 apparently also functions as a trampoline.

"Valiant is celebrating 2020 as The Year of Heroes, and February is the month of BLOODSHOT," said Valiant Senior Editorial Director Robert Meyers. "With VIN DIESEL on the big screen, Tim, Marc, and the team have put together a perfect jumping on point for new readers, while also rewarding the readers that have been with us from #1."

To celebrate this innovation in Bloodshot comic numbering, Valiant has released this preview at Marc Laming's uncolored art.

"Tim's script was exciting, packed with action but also has a ton of heart and had a really interesting take on Bloodshot's character," said Laming. "The zero issue has been a great challenge to draw and it has really stretched me artistically. I've tried to use some storytelling techniques I've not used before to best tell Tim's story and I think it has paid off and I've produced some really strong pages."

Bloodshot #0 hits stores on February 19th, with colors by Andrew Dalhouse, letters by Dave Sharpe, and s covers by Roberto de la Torre, Ramón F. Bachs, and Francis Portela.

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