First Impressions: Descender is a Dense but Inviting Sci-Fi Epic [Descender #30 Review]

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Drill Bot and Mizerd remain prisoners, though this may not be so for long. Elsewhere, the UGC have unleashed their own Harvester, sending shockwaves throughout space. Telsa has been instructed to activate it using Tim-21. Tim is unwilling to do this, and everyone around Telsa tries to convince her not to do this. However, these are orders directly from her father. She is required to perform her duty.

Descender #30 cover by Dustin Nguyen
Descender #30 cover by Dustin Nguyen

Thought this is my first experience with Descender, I had high hopes thanks to the presence of the talented Jeff Lemire.

Despite this being the 30th installment of the series, I was able to pick up the plot easily. There are many factions, and I'm not sure all their stakes. However, the themes of AI, robots, and their right to life are made clear.

The tension and emotionality are made clear and approachable. Telsa is an engaging character. Tim-21 is endearing. The plot is interesting, with the Harvester being a cool superweapon with a high cost to use.

The story isn't all-that unique of course. Many tales have been told about the humanity of AI and coaxing military-types to recognize them as living things. However, the presentation and characters on display make it enjoyable.

Descender #30 art by Dustin Nguyen
Descender #30 art by Dustin Nguyen

Dustin Nguyen's artwork is an odd but not unwelcome choice to this type of story. His faded and cartoonish style makes for a distinct world, even if it doesn't seem fitted to a sci-fi story like this. It still looks good though, and I can easily discern what is going on in each panel. The color art is solid too and similarly faded in appearance.

Descender #30 is an approachable and intriguing sci-fi tale of war and the right to live. The plot seems thick and would likely take time to completely parcel out, but, if intergalactic war and sci-fi is your jam (it generally is for me), this one is likely worth your time. Feel free to give it a try. This issue will probably hook you.

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