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Jeff Lemire & Dustin Nguyen's Little Monsters from Image Comics
Jeff Lemire posts to his Substack the news of his new project, Little Monsters, with regular collaborator Dustin Nguyen, from Image Comics in March 2022 He writes; Starting March 2022, I will be launching LITTLE MONSTERS, a brand new series at Image Comics with my Descender/Ascender co-creator Dustin Nguyen! This new book has been in the works for well[...]
DC Comics Batman Preview
Such as the first two issues of Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen's Robin: Year One series Robin & Batman, publishing alongside Jeff Lemire's Mazebook at Dark Horse Busy boy as well as all the Black Hammer comics he writes. Even More Advance Artwork Robin & Batman launching from DC Comics in November. Even More Advance Artwork Robin[...]
John Paul Leon's Family Issue Statement and Fundraiser In His Memory
Donators in the last few hours have included Tom Mason, Walter Simonson, Jim Lee, Micheline Pitt, Rey Armenteros, Chris Ferguson, Kelley Jones, Dave Johnson, Jimmy Palmiotti, Ford Gilmore, Don Cameron, Dennis Calero, David Hahn, George Pratt, Bryan O'Malley, Daniel Zalkus, Dustin Nguyen, Sam Humphries, David Brittingham, Schannan E Rose, David Harper, Paul Reinwand, Jeff Parker,[...]
Bad Idea At Thought Bubble
With Gabriel Walta, Dustin Nguyen and Andrea Sorrentino. Jeff Lemire: PROJECT JACKKNIFE a new ongoing series that will be drawn by the amazing Gabriel Walta Gabriel and I recently did the Eisner-nominated book SENTIENT together at TKO and he also drew the new Barbalien series with Tate Brombal writing This new book is pretty ambitious and[...]
Descender, Ascender TV Rights Land at NBCUniversal's Lark Productions
Co-created with artist Dustin Nguyen (Batman: Streets of Gotham), Image Comics' sci-fi graphic novel series Descender and sequel Ascender now have their television rights resting exclusively in the hands of Lark Productions The Canada-based member of NBCUniversal International Studios is developing and producing the series, with Lemire and Nguyen executive producing (Variety exclusive reporting) "The world[...]
Ascender #1 From Image Comics is Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings
 Set ten years after the conclusion of Descender, Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, Animal Man) creates a world of Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings, setting us up for dictatorship who seeks to destroy all robots and tech in the universe while simultaneously referring to dragons as inorganic ships. Mother, the head of this movement, utilizes[...]
KaBOOM!'s First Children's Picture Book Is Out In A Month, Will There Be More?
Last month I had the opportunity to chat with married couple Nicole Hoang and Dustin Nguyen about KaBOOM!'s first ever children's book The story is called What Is It?, and I'll tell you, it is a heartfelt masterpiece. So yeah, Nicole wrote the story when she was ten, but her husband Dustin illustrated it only a few[...]
An Early Look At The Tenth Issue Of Descender
This week brings us to the tenth issue of Descender, written by Jeff Lemire, with art by Dustin Nguyen. The rollercoaster continues as TIM-21 dives deeper into the mysteries of the Machine Moon During his quest on the amazing artificial world of the robot resistance…Andy, Driller, and Bandit come face to face with a startling new group called[...]
A Love Letter From Creators: Preview A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz Out This Week
Garrity, Melanie Gillman, Zac Gorman, Jimmy Gownley, Matt Groening, Dan Hipp, Keith Knight, Mike Kunkel, Roger Langridge, Jeff Lemire, Jonathan Lemon, Patrick McDonnell, Tony Millionaire, Caleb Monroe, Terry Moore, Dustin Nguyen, Molly Ostertag, Lincoln Peirce, Paul Pope, Hilary Price, Liz Prince, Stan Sakai, Chris Schweizer, Ryan Sook, Jeremy Sorese, Raina Telgemeier, Richard Thompson, Tom Tomorrow,[...]
Jeff Lemire And Dustin Nguyen's Tribute To Charles M Schulz' Peanuts
The Descender team of Jeff Lemire (below) and Dustin Nguyen (above) each contributed a pin-up to Boom's upcoming hardcover book, Peanuts: Tribute To Charles M Schulz, out on October 14th, which features 40 creators drawing the Peanuts characters in their own distinct styles.     The Descender team of Jeff Lemire (below) and Dustin Nguyen (above) each contributed a pin-up to Boom's upcoming hardcover book,[...]
Dreaming Of Impossible Things In Descender #3
From Image Comics, Descender #3, written by Jeff Lemire, with art by Dustin Nguyen continues the tale of Tim-21 and Dr Quon, showing us just how memorable their relationship was When the issue begins, we are with Tim-21 as he goes through a total system failure Suddenly, he is dreaming a dream that seems very[...]
Descender #2 Will Leave You On The Edge Of Your Seat
From Image Comics, Descender #2, written by Jeff Lemire, with art by Dustin Nguyen continues in an interesting format Throughout the issue we alternate between the present day in which Tim-21 is being chased by a group of men attempting to capture him, and a memory backup that allows us to see Tim-21 from his[...]
Tales Of Bravery In Mouse Guard: Legends Of The Guard Vol. 3 #2
Galdre, with art by Nicole Gustafsson, Fallen, written and illustrated by Dustin Nguyen, and The Dancers, written and illustrated by Kyla Vanderklugt Last month's issue was great, but I was only truly affected by one out of three of the stories This month's issue left me in awe of all three Each one of them[...]
Orbital In Conversation With Dustin Nguyen On Descender And More!
By Chris Thompson [audio:http://popculturehound.net/podcast/OiCPodcastEpisode121.mp3] After last week's Angoulême BD Festival special (which you can still listen to here), this time I'm back with the incredible Dustin Nguyen to discuss his exciting new sci-fi series, Descender, from Image Comics. Dustin and I discuss how he started out, the way his art has changed and evolved over time, what it's[...]
Jeff Lemire And Dustin Nguyen's Descender Astounds
From Image Comics, Descender #1, written by Jeff Lemire, with art by Dustin Nguyen, is a heartfelt work complete with an in-depth futuristic script, and breathtaking artwork The story begins on the planet Niyrata, as we experience some background on The United Galactic Council (UGC) We see that the population is currently 5.53 billion At[...]
Mouse Guard Celebrates 10 Years With Skottie Young, Mark Buckingham, Dustin Nguyen, Becky Cloonan And More
From Archaia, an imprint of award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios, comes a new collection of tales from a mix of some very talented creators including: Skottie Young (Rocket Raccoon), Mark Buckingham (Fables), Dustin Nguyen (Descender), Ramón K Pérez (Hawkeye, Jim Henson's Tale of Sand), Becky Cloonan (Gotham Academy), Hannah Christenson (Jim Henson's The Storyteller: The Novelization),[...]
Exclusive Look: Sean Murphy's Variant Cover For Lemire And Nguyen's Descender #1
The 40 page first issue of the new Image series Descender arrives on March 4th, bringing together the powerhouse team of Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen, a match it feels like only Image could produce in their current fan-astonishing mashups. It's a beautiful book that's already getting rave advance reviews, and also an endearing and frightening[...]
Lemire And Nguyen's Descender Optioned By Sony
A month before the first issue is published and Sony Pictures has already acquired the film rights to Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen's upcoming Image comic Descender. Lemire is the creator of the acclaimed graphic novels Sweet Tooth and Essex County as well as having written for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Valiant. Nguyen has worked on American Vampire, Batman[...]
Preview Descender #1 By Jeff Lemire And Dustin Nguyen
This March, Image Comics will release the new book written by Jeff Lemire, with art by Dustin Nguyen The story follows one young robot's struggle to stay alive in a universe where all androids have been outlawed and bounty hunters lurk on every planet. Descender is a heart-felt cosmic odyssey that pits humanity against machine. Jeff Lemire[...]
Sadly, Joel Schumacher Does Not Appear To Be Writing Batman Comics
Batballs to it. Bleeding Cool reported in good faith the rumour that Batman director Joel Schumacher and Dustin Nguyen were working on a comic book to revisit Schumacher's original plans for a Batman movie trilogy, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin and Batman Triumphant, in a twelve-issue Batman comic for DC Comics. Fantastic as it sounded, it tallied[...]
Scott Snyder And Jock's Wytches #1 Gets Exclusive Visits From Cliff Chiang, Becky Cloonan, Francesco Francavilla, Dustin Nguyen, Sean Murphy And Bill Sienkiewicz
And lots of retailers will be getting their own exclusive cover from Cliff Chiang, Becky Cloonan, Francesco Francavilla, Dustin Nguyen, Sean Murphy and Bill Sienkiewicz. Such as Francavilla's cover above… Across the globe, century after century, men and women were burned, drowned, hanged, tortured, imprisoned, persecuted, and murdered for witchcraft[...]
10th Anniversary Mouse Guard Celebrations Announced At San Diego Comic Con – FCBD Editions, RPG Upgrade, Skeleton Crew Collectibles And More!
Dustin Nguyen, Skottie Young, Nicole Gustafsson, Mark Buckingham, Hannah Christensen, and others that Peterson could not publicly confirm yet Petersen reminded the audience that the Legends series is based on Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales Although the stories will not written by Petersen, he did say that he will draw the tavern where the stories will[...]