FOC Alert: Valiant's Secret Weapons #1 "Secret Edition"


On the heels of landing the year's biggest selling direct-market-non-Big Five comic with their new X-O Manowar #1, Valiant have been pointing fans and retailers toward June's Secret Weapons #1 as the company's "next big thing."

The new series — written by (and how many times are they going to mention that he was nominated for an Oscar for writing Arrival) Eric Heisserer, and featuring artwork by Raul Allen — will see Valiant's machine-controlling heroine, Livewire, recruit a team of super-powered young people, cast aside because of their useless or obtuse abilities, as they escape a mysterious cyborg killing machine sent after them for unknown purposes…

…All of which probably has something to do with Valiant's long-planned Harbinger Wars 2 crossover event for 2018.

But that's not the only secret that Valiant has up its sleeve for Secret Weapons #1.

The publisher has just announced the Secret Weapons #1 "Secret Edition" – a "cloaked-in-secrecy" and "gamified" version of the issue's standard A cover that will be randomly inserted in the print run that will challenge readers to solve a special puzzle…and reveal "a major secret" for the future of the series and the larger Valiant Universe.

Says Valiant's official PR:

"The SECRET WEAPONS #1 SECRET EDITION is indistinguishable from the A cover except for subtle differences that will not be revealed officially. Rather, eagle-eyed fans will have to crack the gamified elements to uncover the secrets. Readers that manage to obtain the randomly distributed SECRET WEAPONS #1 SECRET EDITION are challenged to decode a major secret at the heart of the Valiant Universe's most important new series of the summer – one that will reveal the true long term importance of Livewire's landmark solo debut and the epic events that will follow in its wake…

Could we get the first plot threads of Harbinger Wars 2? More long-gestating teases from Book of Death? A hint about the major character death in July's Harbinger Renegade #5? Shhh, it's a secret…

Secret Weapons #1 — and the "secret edition" along with it — will FOC on Monday, June 5th, so now's the time to check in and see if your store might be in the running to get in the game.

Look for it on shelves June 28th…and maybe bring a magnifying glass?


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