From Star Wars To Sex Criminals, Everyone Wants Light Sabers Today…

In today's Star Wars #9 from Jason Aaron and Stuart Immonen, we get Luke Skywalker making a leap of faith.. to retrieve his light sabre.

STWARS2015009-int2-4-d5fcfAnd after a further tussle…

STWARS2015009-int2-5-fb82d He makes it. After all, he lives up to his name…

IMG_0034 However, it's not over. Someone really wants that light sabre.

IMG_0035 Well they do make such attractive decorations. Meanwhile over in Star Wars: Lando, we see where another light sabre may have ended up…IMG_0033  … from a certain Darth Maul?

But its not just the Star Wars titles. Over in today's Sex Criminals, there's another kind of light sabre being referred to, which we sadly have to censor.


Clearly the force is strong in that one.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. With a Satanic Mojo signing this Saturday…



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